Royal Tea and Colon Cleansing

Cleansing is a hot topic and there are numerous options on the market. Generally they’re geared towards a specific time period, for example, companies offer many cleanses that are to be used after a holiday, when maybe you haven’t eaten as well as you normally would. There are cleanses to take just before a vacation so that your body rids itself of toxins and helps boost immunity. These are wonderful, and they certainly have Royal Teatheir place, but very short term.

Wouldn’t it be better to not only enjoy the benefits of a colon cleanse but improve the health of your entire digestive system throughout your life? When your intestines and colon are healthy and operating at full capacity, periodic cleanses become unnecessary, because instead of focusing on the symptoms, you’re repairing the root of the problem. A cleanse that can be taken regularly as part of your diet to improve your overall health and well-being is a better option for long term and can go a long ways towards helping your body absorb as many good nutrients as possible.

Royal Tea is a great way to not only do a full colon cleanse, but is offered as a long term addition to a healthy diet. The caffeine free blend includes persimmon leaves, malva leaves, holy thistle and marshmallow leaves in a great tasting mixture that will be enjoyable to drink and easy to whip up a week’s worth at a time.

Did you know that according to the Royal Society of Medicine over 85% of chronic illnesses are caused from digestive disorders? These are not only reversible, but preventable, by treating your organs with the utmost of care and consideration. We tend to fix our health issues from the outside in, for example, we’ll treat a skin condition, which can be a very important sign of intestinal issues, instead of treating the condition that led to the poor skin appearance in the first place.

The Wolfe Clinic Royal Tea blend will not only detoxify your intestines, but will also reduce mucus build up and congestion, and strengthen your entire immune system from the inside out. If you’re suffering from skin problems, the tea can improve skin condition and appearance, and help to clear eyes. Your kidneys, liver and lymphatic system will also be cleansed and detoxified. Heavy metals are released and the tea serves to increase your PH levels, reducing acidity in organs, tissues and your digestive tract. Happy customers have also reported weight loss and an overall improved mood after regular doses of Royal Tea.

Because the tea is concentrated, it takes only 2 tea bags to deliver a whopping gallon at a time! This can easily be stored in your fridge for everyday use, making detoxification and intestinal health very simple and quick, and not a big consumption of your time. Royal Tea is a pure and organic way to start your day with a great tasting product that will give your entire system a boost.

About the author: Jon Reyes is a guest author from Steam Shower Store who is a respected and expert voice in a plethora of health related subjects with over 10 years of writing under his belt.


  1. M

    So Royal Tea is something you feel should be consumed daily? Is it safe for a 14 yr old boy?

    • The Wolfe Clinic

      Royal Tea can be consumed as much or as little as one feels they need. We have many customers who do drink it every single day, while others (like myself) make it on more of an as-needed basis because drinking it daily is too potent for my system. It’s totally up to the needs of the user.

      Yes, it is absolutely safe for kids. There are instructions for making child-strength doses on the package, although a 14-year-old may benefit more from an adult-strength serving. It may still take some tweaking to get it perfect, but that is the case for anyone – adults or children.

  2. Ajay Khanna

    How I get this Royal tea and what is the price.

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