About Us

The Clinic of the Future

The Wolfe Clinic, originally established in Canada, was founded by Dr. Darrell L. Wolfe.  With over 25 years of successful practice, experience, research and training in natural healthcare, Dr. Wolfe developed a "Self-Help" Strategy approach to healthcare maintenance and regeneration.

From its beginning 20 years ago, The Wolfe Clinic's mission has always been to provide the latest, most advanced and successful health programs to our customers, mainly those who are chronically ill.  The Clinic strives to support highly effective cleansing and rejuvenation programs to assist our customers in the achievement and preservation of good health.

Even though Dr. Wolfe is no longer associated with The Wolfe Clinic, we continue to carry out the legacy he established through making available to you his articles and protocols.  It is our mission to continue to offer the latest, most advanced energy medicine equipment, natural supplementation and body detoxification products from which individualized programs can be designed.

The Wolfe Clinic strives to carry the best that natural medicine has to offer.

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