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Royal FloraRegardless of which illness you suffer from, you will never experience permanent health or healing until your highway to life, that is your digestive tract, is in balance. As a health professional, I am often asked . . . “I try to eat right, I take supplements, but I just don’t feel healthy. What can I do?”

We are seeing a dramatic rise in degenerative, chronic and auto-immune diseases, creating a decline in health in both adults and children. Diseases that were once unusual, such as chronic fatigue, severe allergies, asthma, fibromyalgia, diabetes, candidiasis, severe digestive disorders, and environmental and chemical sensitivities are becoming common. More people complain of getting recurring colds, flu and infections. Each generation seems weaker than the last. With all the nutritional supplements and advances in traditional medicine, why is this happening? Fatigue has become a normal state of life for the average person. What we now consider to be normal is quite abnormal.


Gout is a very real condition – just ask anyone who has ever been awakened in the middle of the night by a brutal pain that makes them believe their big toe is on fire. The toe is inflamed and so tender that even the weight of a bed sheet is unbearable. This is an acute attack of gout, also known as gouty arthritis, which is a form of arthritis that is distinguished by sudden, severe attacks of pain, inflammation and tenderness in the joints. The symptoms may last for over a week and are sometimes accompanied by a fever. Gout typically affects the large joint of the big toe, but it can also occur in the knees, feet, ankles, fingers and wrists.

Carefree Summer Fun – Health Hazards of Your Backyard Pool and Spa

Summer fun is just around the corner and many of us are anxious to get our swimming pools up and running. Other folks have had their hot tubs and spas going all winter long. For both groups it’s just a matter of tweaking the chemicals to ensure that all is ‘safe’ and well.

altIs what we are doing safe? If you thought yes then guess again! The levels of chemicals in both drinking water and our swimming pools is raising alarm amongst health professionals and environmentalists.

Toxins are everywhere and have permeated the entire food chain. So it is likely that all life on this planet is to some degree contaminated by such toxic byproducts as dioxin.

Sun – To Tan or Not to Tan…… That is the Question!

Years ago, we were unaware of the lethal consequences in taking off your shirt to enjoy the sun. There were no UVA & UVB indexes on the TV or suntan lotions with SPF 5 to 50. If you elected to stay out in the sun until your skin became bright red and was burnt; then the pain you experienced later that night was Mother Nature’s way of telling you not to do it again.

Today we have more difficult problems to deal with; how to get a beautiful tan and not get cancer in the process. The best answer is to simply to sacrifice the tan and stay out of the sun. Unfortunately, we know you all want to have a beautiful tan and, today, the answer is a little more complex. We are now challenged with the calculation of a mathematical formula based on expose time to the sun, the UVA/UVB index, and choosing the right sun tan lotion with the correct SPF number. You then must consider the unknown factors of going to the “electric beach” (Sun Tanning Bed), skin lotion with color enhancer, and misting tans.

Sugar Land Express

Sugar, Sugar, Sugar…. What does it do to us?

altChristmas has just passed and you can still feel the excitement in the air. The bright lights, snow, presents, great food, Christmas trees, Christmas Carols and reuniting with family and friends. It can be a fantastic time, but all this excitement can cause some people to feel more distressed than euphoric. Some individuals who have not been able to achieve the ideal Walt Disney/Norman Rockwell picture of Christmas joy may actually feel depressed. Statically December has the highest incidence of depression and suicide. What can be done to make the holidays more enjoyable for everyone and leveling out the emotional highs and lows of the Holiday Season?

Flu and Cold Season – Protect Yourself

How Do I Catch these Bugs?Oh, the misery! Your head is pounding, your whole body aches, your nose is running and that persistent cough kept you up half the night. What to do? More importantly, what should you have done to avoid this situation? At a time like this, it is hard to help yourself, let alone look after a family.

Cold and flu viruses are lurking everywhere you go, but there are simple steps to stay healthy. Prevention can mean the difference between an enjoyable holiday season spent with family and friends or a miserable week spent alone in bed.

Cardiovascular Health – Heart Felt Facts

Cardiac wards are familiar stomping grounds for many of us. Personally, I spent most of my early years watching as my father dealt with the challenges of a heart damaged by rheumatic fever. The culmination of his lifelong battle ended with a final procedure; a new heart. Tragically, he didn’t survive.

Could he have done anything differently? Absolutely! The most popular theory with respect to why we acquire heart disease involves the presence of acidic waste in the system. Acidic waste is directly related to what we eat and how much stress our bodies endure on a constant basis. Acidic waste tears and scratches the inner vascular walls. Those injured and dying cells, also being acidic in nature, become germ ridden and are encapsulated by the immune system. Encapsulated cells of any kind in the body are called tumors. The immune system patches the walls of the arteries with fatty plaque to save you from a catastrophic health situation. But, as the build-up of calcified plaque grows, it becomes dangerous. This build-up can cause heart attacks by breaking away or blocking arteries. The good news is that heart disease is largely preventable.

Allergies – High Pollen Counts

Unusually high pollen counts this year means a miserable spring for allergy suffers. Airborne allergies are caused when pollen, a foreign protein, enters the body and causes the IgA antibody of the immune system to over-react. This reaction causes itching, inflammation, and a mucus discharge from the respiratory system, skin and eyes. The number of allergy suffers is on the increase because the immune system has been compromised. It has been injected with damaging chemicals through vaccinations and taking pharmaceuticals.  As a result, the body has become a very toxic environment.  In addition, lifestyle then adds “insult to injury” with poor nutrition, high stress levels and lack of exercise.

Many allergy sufferers will attempt to “live in a bubble” until allergy season has passed. Most, though, will follow the conventional treatment of expensive, painful, and, for the most part, ineffective allergy shots.  Others will consume large quantities of antihistamines and suffer through their side effects.

Health and Sickness Begins in the Colon

Crohn’s Disease, Colitis, IBS – Liver/Lymph Connection

Colon and Stomach

This article brings you the topic that so many find difficult to breech – the state of your colon. The colon is often the most ignored organ in the body yet the most important to maintain. Many highly regarded practitioners will agree that all health starts and finishes in the colon, therefore making its function of primary concern. Let’s first take a look at what the colon is responsible for.


The small and large intestines consist of resilient, hollow tubes that are approximately 26 feet long. All digested food enters the cecum through the ileocecal valve, but if this valve becomes jammed, problems ensue.

Green Light on Greens!

Wheat GrassHave you ever wondered why a plant or weed has the ability to push its way through cement? This is an example of vital force at its best. We have much to gain by using the innate power of greens to support our physiological systems. It is the best youth tonic available!

Poor eating causes more disease than cancer and only sound preventive nutrition and a healthy lifestyle can save us from the arms of disease. Introducing powdered greens to your health protocol makes boosting your energy and immunity easy and convenient. Powdered greens most often include Barley Grass, Wheat Grass, Alfalfa, Kale, and Chard as the main ingredients, but are often combined with other health promoting herbs, vegetables and fruits.