Hydrazine Sulphate

Hydrazine Sulphate

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Hydrazine Sulfate's original proponent, Dr. Joseph Gold of the Syracuse Cancer Research Institute of New York has been fighting years for acceptance of this virtually side effect free, non toxic therapy despite the reluctance of more rigid, conventionally entrenched, orthodox practitioners who now may be taking another look at the results in both America and abroad.

The use of tranquilizers, barbiturates and/or alcoholic beverages with hydrazine sulfate destroys the efficacy of this drug and increases patient morbidity.

When taking Hydrazine Sulfate the use of any alcohol and/or barbiturates is PROHIBITED. This includes prescription pain medication. Consult your personal health care professional to qualify any other medication you may be taking.

Recommended Dosage/Potency is determined by bodyweight:

  • Patient under 55KG (125 lb) -- 30 mg

  • Patient over 55KG (125+lb) - 60 mg

Minor Side Effects: It is possible, under long term usage of high dosages, a small percentage of patients may experience some temporary mild extremity numbness, nausea and/or occasional drowsiness. The symptoms usually disappear within days.