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With over 25 years of experience and research in natural health, The Wolfe Clinic has developed strategies to empower you to lead a healthier, happier life. We provide the best that natural medicine has to offer!

Our high-quality, organic products include the popular Royal Flora, a soil-based probiotic that helps balance gut flora, and Royal Tea, a gentle, cleansing blend that promotes better digestive health and wellness.

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Top Articles

Minerals - Why So Important?

Minerals are a fundamental part of all cells, particularly blood, nerve, muscle, bones, teeth, and soft tissue. The minerals we consume or do not consume can affect everything from male-pattern baldness to the length of our lives! What makes our liquid Theta Minerals so unique?

Royal Tea - Digestion, Naturally

Royal Tea has four powerful ingredients: holy thistle (also known as blessed thistle), persimmon leaves, malva leaves, and marshmallow leaves. What role does each ingredient play in this unique blend? What sets Royal Tea apart from other cleansing teas?

Royal Flora - A Superior Probiotic

Not even 100 years ago, we consumed vegetables picked straight from the fields, still flecked with microscopic soil. That soil contained beneficial bacteria that helped regulate the immune system. Royal Flora reintroduces those soil-based organisms into your digestive tract.