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Spoiled Rotten
Sick and Tired

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The Royal Society of Medicine did a major study and found that a dysfunctional large intestine (colon) is the major contributor to 85% of all disease and illness. I believe and will prove conclusively that this condition does, indeed, provide the fuel that fires most chronic disorders. Until the colon gets your full attention and cooperation, on a daily basis, not only will you not prevent or reverse illness, you will remain sick and tired.

We are the nation of the spoiled rotten. Our health practitioners with over 40 years of combined experience sometimes shake their heads in disbelief at what we have become. For a society so medically advanced and in search of health breakthroughs why can’t we see, feel or smell the obvious? When it comes to how people feel and look, what was once abnormal has now become common. Putting it more to the point, most people tell me they feel “crappy.” (An apt word that fits the topic.) Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? If so, keep reading and I will share with you the most valuable health information available today.

The Large Intestine

We have been educated into weakness. Statistics show that the average person is overweight and one in four is carrying an extra 25 pounds of not just weight, but toxic waste. This is all too evident. Everywhere I go I see the typical adult looking obese and sporting the middle age bulge. (Also called the spare tire, beer muscle, pot belly, etc.)

What we are really dealing with is the large intestine (which, by the way, is a muscle) that now lacks tone, has fallen down and bulges out of the abdomen. This problem is caused by a buildup of stagnant waste material. Did you know that the average person has eight to twelve pounds of fecal matter putrefying (rotting) within their bodies, even if they don’t have a protruding abdomen? (In this instance their intestines are falling down and inwards.)

Without knowing it, the typical individual is, in fact, spoiled rotten. They are rotting from the inside out and from the bottom up. Your large intestine is the mother of all organs and a prime breeding ground for disease. It is the first structure developed in the fetus, because it is the most important organ in your body. Nature understands that without a proper waste disposal, (sewage system) life would cease to exist before it has a chance to get started.

The Reality

Just picture the catastrophes and epidemics we would face if our cities’ sewer systems were not maintained. They would back up into our streets and homes causing unimaginable problems. Your body is no different. Where do you think the average, so-called, healthy person stands in this situation? They have turned their body’s sewage systems into a living cesspool of toxic bacteria, gases, viruses, fungus and worms; living off of their stagnant putrefactive waste. There are a couple of sayings I like to use that go like this… “Cars rust… people rot”. The second is: “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Unfortunately, the “cure” usually means you lose a pound of flesh. I’m sure you will agree that prevention is the preferred route to take.

Isn’t it amazing how we are all so concerned about the state of our planet? We should be, but first things first. If you look after your internal environment, you automatically support your external environment. Your large intestine is the first and foremost toxic dump site that you should be worried about if you are an environmentalist or should I say “survivalist.” I want to add that the earth is billions of years old and is much tougher than us. We will die out long before she even gets a case of mild indigestion. We continue to poison her, and she gives it all back to us. We are the ones who must eat the chemicals we dump in the soil. We have to drink the waste we put in the water and breathe in the toxins we put in the air. We are our planet’s purification system. We will die out first… and her problem is solved!

That is the way things will continue until man is forced down on his knees begging for help. This is because we do not use common sense to lead us to good health until pain and suffering drive us there. Most people will only consider taking care of their health when they start to hurt. What then? Many have to undergo surgery and at the very least, standard treatments dump more drugs/chemicals into their already sick and weak body. Think about this; it is not lack of Ex-Lax that causes constipation, and it is not a lack of chemotherapy, surgery or radiation that causes cancer. We need to address the root of illness.

Killer Bugs

Now we have the viral, bacterial and fungal frenzy. Old plagues that were supposed to have been eradicated are back with a vengeance and immune to the drugs that were supposed to wipe them out. They are called “super bugs.” We would not have a problem with them today had we been prepared with the right tools and knowledge to begin with. These super bugs are more powerful, better armed and fortified with new defenses guarding them against the antibiotics that, supposedly, were there to destroy them in the first place.

These mutant microbes do pose a threat, but only until you Reclaim Your Inner Terrain. Our first focus must be to create an internal environment that does not welcome altered or any other bad microbes. This means an environment that promotes the proper pH and one that has no stagnant waste. To this end we need an intestinal tract with an immune system; not a limp, spastic muscle lacking in tone which breeds deadly infectious microbes that leak poisons into the body’s blood system. If you create a healthy terrain, these deadly bugs cannot exist. Daily maintenance of your sewage system is a good start.

Everyone knows that a child must follow basic guidelines or else they develop bad habits and run out of control. Chaos is the result. Similarly (from not following the most basic of health rules) we find ourselves out of control, lacking self discipline and unable to apply the fundamental guidelines of nature. It is a lack of education and no fault of our own, but it is our responsibility to correct this problem. After all, we are supposedly intelligent and able to learn from our mistakes. What we sow, we shall reap. Only you have the power to choose between a life of health and happiness and what we see all around us – sickness, disease, premature aging and early death. Don’t rely on your doctor or health care professional. It is up to you. After all, the foundations of our health care system are drugs and surgery – not prevention.

A healthy body is a temple for the spirit and emotions to find balance in the physical world. That healthy state can only be delivered to you along an amazing assembly line know as The Digestive Tract. Lets have a look at that process.

The Digestive Process

The Digestive Process starts at the mouth and goes down the esophagus to the stomach and on to the small intestine, which is 22 feet long and then continues on to the large intestine which is 5 to 7 feet long. In total we are looking at 30 feet of intestines. That’s a long distance for your food to travel. As well, everything has to be digested in its proper order and time for the procedure to be successful.

The process of digestion is a work of art in its simplicity and effectiveness. Improper eating, though, throws the whole delicate procedure out of whack, causing grief and inevitable damage to your body. Most people are only conscious of the first five inches of the process; only aware of the taste and texture from the mouth to the throat. They get five inches of pleasure followed by thirty feet of dis-ease.

Unfortunately, when we are selecting foods, important health concerns such as nutritional value, quality, the degree of toxic chemicals in them, and even their digestive ability all take a back seat to taste, look and smell. Most people use only those three standards when it comes to choosing which foods to eat. Often the foods we do consume simply end up sitting and rotting in the digestive tract, all the while, slowly releasing poisons into the body. Negative symptoms you may experience from this situation are headache, nausea, bloating, cramps, gas and fatigue. Isn’t this a waste of money, life and energy? If we eat for energy, then we should feel energized. Ask yourself this, are you tired or energized by your food? Are you absorbing nutrients or toxins?

Without food guidelines and discipline, we are satisfying only the mouth, while our digestive tract is out of our control. What happens between the front and back door is the primary factor of health or disease affecting our wellbeing for the rest of our lives. We must learn to become a watch dog and be conscious of what foods are detrimental to our body and which are supportive.

Let me ask you a question. Why do you think children have so much energy? Yes, they are young but most importantly, they are not toxic. They have not had thirty, forty or fifty years of absorbing toxic waste migrating from stagnant fecal debris in their large intestine. The poisons haven’t yet polluted their blood, lymph, organs and tissue cells. As well, they haven’t experienced the resulting invasion of fungus, bad bacteria, viruses and parasites, which is the inevitable outcome of a backed up sewer system. (These critters love rotting garbage.)

As I stated earlier, the large intestine is the last five to seven feet of the digestive tract beginning at the Ileocecal valve and ending at the rectum. It is a muscle and if it lacks tone, every other muscle and cell in the body will have a serious problem. Lack of exercise and stress will also affect digestion and mess up the elimination process. Most symptoms of stress begin in the abdomen. So even if you have a good diet, bowel management should still be top priority since your overall wellbeing is dependent on the efficiency of the digestive process.

Water and Food Choices

“The more you cook the worse you look, the more you fry the sooner you die” One of the first steps in taking control of your health is recognizing that your body requires a constant and consistent supply of healthy water. You are 70% water in weight. The quality and hydration rate of your water has a direct effect on every cell in your body. So it follows that you should drink chemical free, clean, restructured and alkalizing water every day. (Take your body weight in pounds. Divide that by 2. The number you come up with is the amount in ounces of vitalized water that you should be consuming during the day. For example, if you weigh 150 pounds you should drink 75 ounces.)

Here are just a few reasons to drink the right water:

Water helps the body absorb and assimilate nutrients into the blood stream and internal organs.

Proper hydration helps the body resist the formation of kidney stones, urinary infections, and constipation. Water also accelerates the excretion of toxins and waste from the body.

Sufficient consumption of clean water has been shown to cut the risk of certain cancers like colon, breast, bladder and kidney.

Drinking water before meals helps with weight loss and weight control since it aids digestion and reduces cravings.

Water lubricates joints and muscles, reduces inflammation, aids in the recovery of injuries and decreases the risk of certain types of physical injuries such as sprains and pulls.

Water boosts mental performance. As little as 2% dehydration can lead to significant short-term memory!

As well, try to follow an alkaline diet comprised mainly of fresh fruits, vegetables and grains. This diet should also be reduced in animal protein. Is the greater weight (and volume) of your diet coming from food that is fresh and raw?

Avoiding the Problem

Do you have bad breath? If you do, it is not because of what you ate yesterday. It is what you have eaten days, weeks, months and even years before. It radiates from your private manure pile. Remember that hot air rises, and it is rising from your abdomen and out through your mouth. Mints, toothpaste and mouthwash are only temporary measures which mask the symptoms and never get to the cause.

Why do people use underarm deodorant and perfumes? They do it to hide the truth and the truth is they smell. Young children do not smell because they are not rotting inside. Why does body odor increase as we age? The answer is – we are spoiled rotten. We are rotting from the inside out and from the bottom to the top. You should know that almost all bathroom toiletries and perfumes are toxic and harmful to your body, even some of the so-called natural products. Underarm deodorants may be a contributing factor to lymph problems and breast cancer.

Why do most people avoid going to the washroom when away from home? Because of the odor they leave behind. Imagine walking into your own house and being confronted by a foul odor and not knowing where it was coming from. Would you try to find the source or would you simply spray deodorizers through the house to mask the odor! Most of us would try to find the source, so why is it when we smell the odor of sickness from within our body, we hide it; pretending it doesn’t exist? Why do we just joke when a friend leaves a horrible smell in the bathroom? It’s no laughing matter, they are sick.

We have not only been educated into weakness, we have been educated (or advertised) into ignorance. Most products advertised in the media are designed to mask the symptoms of serious health problems. They sell body deodorizers, breath deodorizers, air deodorizers, headache pills, lotions for dry skin, topical creams for yeast infections, arthritis pain relievers, weight loss programs, hair care products, allergy relief, gastrointestinal remedies and many, many more cure-alls. None of them though address the origin of the problem, because if they did, you wouldn’t need to buy the product any more. Marketing teams are handsomely paid to convince you that “instant” (and temporary) relief is what you really want and need. It’s a quick fix that ensures you will purchase their product yet again.

The Intestinal Journey

Most people in our society suffer from pain in the abdomen; specifically in the large intestine. Stagnation of fecal waste, due to gas and inflammation, causes this problem. The large intestine has pockets (called haustra) from the beginning to the end. They contract in a manner similar to the movement of a snake; pushing the waste along for elimination.

At the beginning of the large intestine is the ileocecal valve, which can be found just above the right hip half way between the hip bone and belly button. It allows the foodstuffs to come through on a gradual basis. When pain is experienced here, it is usually gas. This gas can hold the ileocecal valve open, causing waste to back up into the small intestine. This one-way door will malfunction when fecal debris stagnates in this area. Even worms can enter the small intestine and migrate to other parts of the body when this occurs.

As I stated earlier, the average person has eight to twelve pounds of old stagnant fecal debris and excess mucus hardened along the walls of the large intestine. By far, the most important step towards getting the ill back to a healthy state (or preventing sickness) is to learn the true art of cleansing.

John Wayne donated his body to science and was found to have over 40 pounds of dried fecal waste lodged in his intestines.

Even if you change your diet and start eating properly, you will never experience vibrant health if you do not cleanse away that old toxic waste material that is rotting inside. This toxic fecal waste is the home of parasites, viruses, bad bacteria and fungus. We must break their foothold and serve these killer invaders their eviction notice!

What happens when the food passes through the ileocecal valve and enters the caecum? It travels twenty-two feet through the small intestine to the caecum (beginning of the large intestine). Because of the so-called Standard American Diet, (aptly called SAD) it is so sticky it does not flow at the proper rate through the digestive tract and turns into advanced putrefaction. The large intestine is a living, breathing organ made of billions of cells that is now bathing in a fluid of toxic waste, which in turn pollutes the rest of the body.

This condition causes the colon to degenerate, losing its tone and becoming spastic due to infection leading to inflammation. How many people do you know whose stomach feels mushy and their back muscles are always tight? Another symptom of this condition is a super tight stomach protruding because of so much trapped gas coming off the toxic fecal waste lodged in their large intestine.

How do you think the large intestine is feeling? It feels like a paralyzed, limp and comatose muscle. About two inches past the ileocecal valve you have the appendix. This is an endocrine organ that protects you by creating infection fighters for the large intestine. Many children and even adults get appendicitis. Appendicitis means inflammation of the appendix. You can’t have inflammation unless you have infection. You can’t have infection unless you have putrefaction (rotting waste). You will not have rotting if you understand the art of cleansing.

So now your foodstuffs are sitting in the caecum. Hopefully the haustra (bowel pockets) are not encrusted with fecal waste and your colon has muscle tone to start the last seven feet of the journey to the rectum where it will be eliminated. I say “hopefully” because if it can’t get rid of it, then it must store the waste.

Toxemia and Acidosis

Now, what happens in the so-called average normal person? Just like wallpaper, layer upon layer upon layer of dehydrated fecal waste is built up inside the wall of their large intestine. This toxic waste will gradually leak back into the blood stream. This is called toxemia, which means dirty blood. Think of a garbage truck working all day. Where does the garbage go? They have a compactor. Your body is no different. If it cannot eliminate the fecal waste, it dehydrates it and stores it into the haustra of your large intestine. Oh, what a wicked web we weave… talk about a bug catcher.

When toxic matter and undigested food, collected in the intestines as a result of toxemia, are absorbed from the bowels into the blood stream, the result is a recognized medical condition known as ” leaky gut syndrome.”

Diarrhea is a common symptom of constipation caused by encrusted fecal waste, which breeds parasites, bad bacteria, viruses and fungus. These deadly invaders give off gas and toxic chemicals, causing infection leading to inflammation, resulting in bowel disorders and a toxic spillover into the blood.

Most people do not want to talk about their fecal matter. They stick their head in the sand hoping it will go away. Unfortunately, a toxic colon is the breeding ground for disaster. The major cause of disease is acidosis and the major cause of acidosis is putrefaction of fecal waste reabsorbed into your blood stream. This causes toxemia.

Let me pose a question. Do you believe that you could have systemic candida, chronic fatigue, headaches, sore throat, skin disorders, heart disease, gout, arthritis, sinus problems and even cancer – without your blood being dirty and toxic? The list of illnesses is endless. The only way for your blood to become toxic is by reabsorbing your own toxic fecal waste from the large intestine. It is like a screen door in a submarine; allowing viruses, bacteria, fungus and parasites into the bloodstream. Some call this condition leaky gut syndrome or malabsorption syndrome.

What are the chances of your body breaking down and causing chronic illness if your blood was pure and oxygen/nutrient rich? The reality is that I don’t know of anyone who does not suffer from toxemia on some level. This condition is epidemic in proportion and getting worse because of processed fast foods, a toxic external environment, pharmaceutical drugs and ignorance of our sewage system.

As stated above, the greatest cause of acidosis is a malfunctioning digestive tract. This is also the major cause of high blood pressure. So take the pressure off! A healthy, vibrant inner terrain will contribute to a happy, vital life.

The Domino Effect

Let us talk about the domino effect. What’s the major cause of toxemia (dirty blood)? It is the absorption of toxic fecal waste from the large intestine (colon). It follows, that if the large intestine is operating properly, you won’t absorb this fecal toxic waste. That is not the case with 99.9% of the population.

So when the blood becomes over-burdened by these deadly toxins (poisons), the liver has to pick up the overload. Your liver already does over 500 different functions for the body and now must pick up the slack and handle the toxic waste from the large intestine. The liver says, “I can’t believe this. What is wrong with you, colon? It’s your job for sewage disposal… are you trying to exhaust me and poison this body?” “No of course not,” replies the colon… “I can’t do my job. The owner eats glicky sticky gooey processed, fried, chemical-laden food, and I’ve got twelve pounds of toxic fecal waste stuck to my walls. I lost my muscle tone, and I’m pooped out.”

Well the liver, being a team player, works overtime until it becomes chronically fatigued, and then the owner of the body starts experiencing an array of negative side effects and goes to the doctor. The doctor says, “You’re doing fine for an average person your age.” He adds that the ailments he suffers are normal. Thanks a lot Doc!! He may be an average person but what is happening to him is not normal. We have been sold down the river! Being compared to the average person is no longer a good thing.

The liver has to do much more than its share now because of the toxic blood situation caused by the encrusted fecal waste in the large intestine. It must now pass on this burden of toxic waste caused by a sluggish large intestine (colon) to the kidneys. But the kidneys are caught in the middle and aren’t so happy about taking on an extra burden. They have already felt the added pressure for the last few years due to the colon being dysfunctional, prior to the liver’s current plight. So the kidneys scream out, “Our job is to purify body fluids. We’re not meant to take on these heavy bowel toxins. What are these poisons?” (They aren’t toxins from metabolism. They are chemicals and toxic waste from the large intestine that should never have entered the body’s system.)

The liver answers back, “I’ve done my best. Talk to the large intestine. But I doubt he will answer. He is comatose.” So the kidneys do their best, but as time goes on, chronic low back pain sets in due to these unwanted toxic poisons. Other warning signs are beginning to show up from the over-worked kidneys – symptoms like sweaty palms, bags under the eyes, frequent urination and bladder infections. The kidneys are now taking the brunt of the cesspool that’s leaking this toxic waste. Where does it go from here? It goes to the holding tank called the bladder.

Now let’s talk about the bladder. It sits just in front of the last part of the large intestine known as the sigmoid colon. The tissues of the bladder have been under attack for quite some time now since it is one of the closest organs to the large intestine, and we know there has been an overload of toxic fecal waste being absorbed into the body. The same is true for the prostate, ovaries and uterus tissues. The more toxins in an area means lowered oxygen, lowered pH and decreased circulation. Can it be just a coincidence that there is a high incidence of cancers in these tissues?

As well, how many people do you know who find themselves going to the washroom two, three or four times a night? Remember, the toxic waste that has been forced onto the kidneys will irritate and inflame any tissue it comes in contact with. So, now we have this toxic sediment not only in the prostate and uterus but flowing into the bladder and settling to the bottom of this sac-like organ; where it will irritate and inflame the tissue. When this happens, the tissue will react by contracting into spasm causing hypersensitivity from the irritation.

So now you know why you have to urinate so much. It is 3:00 o’clock in the morning and the fourth time you feel pressure in the bladder area. So it’s out of bed and to the bathroom. Relief is only seconds away. Finally you get to the toilet but – what’s this – only a few drops come out. Remember your bladder is hypersensitive and can take hardly any strain. This means that it takes very little pressure to set it off. Many people now have to wear ‘Depends’, because the valve that holds the urine back has been infected and inflamed for so long that it is now faulty. This also affects the prostate, ovaries and uterus. They become a breeding ground for disease in this situation.

We call this the domino effect. First a toxic colon, then the blood, liver, kidneys, bladder and soon the lymph system will become poisoned. All this because you do not understand what your body is saying to you. Pain and odor is a signal from your body crying for help (proper detoxification). It is not telling you to shut it up by using drugs.

This does not make for a good relationship. When couples do not communicate, they divorce. When you do not communicate with your body, you cause pain, disease and even death. I think it would be wise to have a heart-to-heart talk with your body, mainly your large intestine. This is where things began to go wrong.

So here we go again. There is still no proper communication happening between you and your body. The most basic and logical step has not been taken and that step is detoxification. Now the kidneys can no longer take on this extra burden of reabsorbed toxic waste. They are overworked and malfunctioning.

The burden is then pushed on to the lymph system – the last major foothold of your immune system. This will also affect your skin in a very negative way. Welcome to the puffball age when you look and feel bloated!! When the body reaches a state of toxic overload, it will retain water and you will have problems losing weight. Why? Because it is trying to dilute the poison, hoping to put off the inevitable – cellular degeneration, disease, organ failure and maybe even death.

What are some of the symptoms that come with a toxic lymph system? Symptoms you may experience are foul smelling armpits; profuse sweating; never sweating due to lymph system blockage; water retention; swelling of face, hands, feet, legs, abdomen; dry skin and skin diseases. As well, toxic waste overflow to breast tissue causing swelling, tenderness, pain, cysts, fibroids and even breast cancer.

You know what happens when you eat or drink something not good for you – you swell up like a balloon. Today your belt is on the third notch – tomorrow it’s on the fourth. Today you can take your rings off, tomorrow you cannot. This morning your dress is loose, tomorrow it is tight. This morning your shoes fit, but by supper they are too tight. When you are tired, the problem is worse. You go on a weight loss program and lose ten pounds in the first ten days, but the following week you gain a couple of pounds because you have not opened the door of detoxification. The poisons must be diluted again. This is a built-in safety mechanism for your own good. It is water loss not weight loss.

So you have all the major eliminating organs up in arms and one is comatose. First your blood took on this toxic fecal waste from the colon, and then the burden went to the liver, kidneys, bladder, skin and lymph. Your body has more built in safety mechanisms than you can shake a stick at. I guess our creator knew how slowly we could react to toxic fecal waste. So there’s a meeting, called by the brain, of all the organs except for one and that’s the large intestine (colon); remember it’s been comatose, probably for years.

They all agree that the large intestine has become a breeding ground for parasites, viruses, bad bacteria and fungus that eventually filter into the body’s systems. So a decision has been reached to temporarily help remove the burden from the other organs caused by the large intestine. Whatever water we can get from the organs or the body’s tissue without causing severe dehydration must be sent down to the large intestine to flush out some of the encrusted fecal waste that caused the problem in the first place.

Guess what? Now you have diarrhea. Why diarrhea? Well almost all cases of diarrhea are caused by chronic constipation. This does not mean you do not go to the washroom. It means your waste is not being eliminated effectively, and some of it is staying behind. I know diarrhea is an inconvenience, but don’t we feel much better when the cause of the problem is being eliminated. You feel tired, but now you can restore and regenerate with some of this toxic load eliminated.

Your large intestine is now eliminating loose stool. This will continue until the pressure is removed from the other organs and they get some needed relief. This toxic situation will repeat itself until you have suffered long enough and decide to do something about the situation. (Daily maintenance of this organ would be a good start.)

Your moods and energy are up and down like an elevator due to a diet based on stimulation; not regeneration through nutrition. Welcome to the world of the human YO-YO; the sugar, caffeine and refined food junkie. You have come to the end of the road. You’ve hit the wall. You are incapable of hearing or listening to your body, and it’s screaming bloody murder. Only education will help you end the vicious cycle. If you do not believe that’s the case, then whoever is giving you guidance is badly misinformed on the natural process of life. Ignorance is not bliss!

The Meat and Potatoes Man

Let’s talk about the all-American meat and potatoes man. “Hi honey! I’ve had a hard day and I am starving!” Well, of course he is starving. He doesn’t eat right, and he’s unable to digest, assimilate his food and excrete the waste efficiently due to his lifestyle. I will explain later, but before we get into that, let’s feed that starving tired meat and potato man. So being a loving wife, she gives him a large serving of meat and potatoes.

Well the first golden rule for effective digestion is: NEVER MIX A PROTEIN AND A STARCH. Meat requires protein enzymes for digestion and potatoes require starch enzymes. When these enzymes are put together, they neutralize each other and your food putrefies (rots). Instead of being digested by enzymes, it putrefies with bad bacteria. As well, mixing different types of concentrated cooked foods takes more energy to digest than energy given in return. Another problem arises; not only are the body’s internal enzymes neutralized, but cooked foods have had their naturally occurring enzymes destroyed through the cooking process. (Your food has a greater chance of putrefying because of this.) This means the food is not being digested through the enzymatic process but is now broken down by bad bacteria; which lead to ulcers, inflammation, infection, bloating, constipation, diarrhea, fungus, etc. What you have are digestive disorders from the mouth all the way to the rectum.

Another important rule: always take a quality digestive enzymes at every cooked food meal. Remember when you were young and could eat a whole pizza? Try eating one today and see how you feel. We simply don’t produce enzymes like we did when we were young.

So let’s get back to our meat and potatoes man. He starts eating his meal and yes he starts to feel better because his sugar glucose is climbing and he is feeling more energetic. His wife says, “Honey, do you think you would like to come with me for a walk tonight? We haven’t done that for a while.” “Sure honey,” he agrees. His wife finishes eating and starts cleaning the dishes and our meat and potatoes man is just finishing his supper and his wife says, “Dear, are you full yet?” And of course, he belches.

But as the meal goes on, he starts becoming more tired. Poor guy! No matter how much he eats he can’t get his energy back. Poor habits have spoiled him rotten. His food has already started to putrefy due to a broken-down digestive tract. We either digest our food with enzymes, or it breaks down through putrefaction (rotting) with bad bacteria. The purpose of eating is to feed the body, not fill it.

“Honey, I’ll finish the dishes and we’ll go for that walk!” She says. “Gee, Dear. I don’t know. I just feel too tired to go for a walk. I think I’ll just sit here for a while and let my food digest,” he replies. You see, our meat and potatoes man has not eaten in an effective way, and the blood flow is decreased in the limbs and organs and increased in the digestive tract. This is a response of his system to reduce the putrefaction (rotting) of his dinner so that toxemia (blood poisoning) does not escalate. The reduced blood flow causes a reduction in oxygen to his arms, legs and head, causing him to be very tired. His body does not want him rotting anymore than he is already.

By now, you probably realize he has had to let his belt out a couple of notches. The decaying food feeds bad bacteria, and they give off gas that will blow him up like a balloon within minutes. After a short time a rumbling starts, the dinner table begins to shake; his wife turns in fright to see her husband with one hand on his waistline and the other over his heart with a look of distress on his face. And…KA-BOOM! He lets one go from the back door. The gas was so fierce it shot him over to the couch. Maybe it’s a good thing for three reasons: He may not have moved all night; he can now pull his belt in an extra inch; and the pressure came off his heart. Hundreds of people a day visit emergency rooms thinking they are having a heart attack when it is only a gas attack.

“Are you okay, Honey?” She asks from the kitchen. The pressure is gone, but he still feels a little rotten. “I think I’ll just stay (lay) on the couch and rest for a few minutes (hours),” he replies. Well, you guessed it. A few minutes later he’s snoring to beat the band.

Do you know why he’s snoring? The food did not digest with enzymes. It putrefied with bad bacteria. So the bad bacteria broke the food down leaving behind toxic gas and waste, which causes increased acidity (pH imbalance) and decreased oxygen. The snoring is caused by his exhausted state, sinus problems and lack of oxygen. He is fighting for his life; whether he or anyone else realizes it.

So it is 11:00 o’clock and time for bed. His wife gently wakes him up, but he’s grumpy as a bear. Why? It is because nobody feels good when they’re tired and toxic. Remember his sewer system has been backing up for years, and it’s now a cesspool that breeds disease.

You know how the story ends – another unfulfilled night with his loving wife; and of course, the walk is on hold. The cycle continues. He wakes up the next morning as tired as when he went to bed. His body could not rest, recuperate or repair, because it was working overtime in this toxic state. Oh, and by the way, you had better not speak to him until he has had his morning coffee. He feels he needs coffee to motivate his exhausted state before he can participate in life. Coffee is a stimulant. It neither gives oxygen or nutrition to the body, but when it hits the liver, it increases his metabolism giving him a false sense of energy that is simply stolen from this organ. Eventually, something will have to give if he continues down this path.

Get Back to Basics

Whenever I ask people how their bowel movements are, I know the answer they give is never the whole truth. People are educated to lie without even realizing they are doing so. Most doctors will tell you that it is normal for some people to have a bowel movement once a day and once every few days is usual for others. For the real facts, read our “Reclaim Your Inner Terrain” article and our “The Candida & Fungus Within Us” article or visit our website at www.TheWolfeClinic.com for information on normal bowel movements.

It is possible to experience pain elsewhere in the body originating from the large intestine.

You will not have disease unless you have the environment to support it. As I have stated in other publications: Death Begins in the Colon. We all know people who look like they are six months pregnant. Their abdomens stick straight out like a balloon. Just think of how much rotting has to go on for that type of swelling. Their belly is filled with toxic fecal waste and gas. All this hot gas creates undue pressure on the back, kidneys, liver, uterus, prostate, bladder and heart.

Stand up and touch your toes. See where the body bends in half. This is approximately the belly button. The transverse part of the large intestine runs horizontally under your ribs from one side of your abdomen to the other. When your transverse colon loses tone and fills with gas, it will block the main flow of blood to your hips, legs and feet. So now your heart must pump harder. If you dam up the blood, nerve and lymph flow, expect alarms to go off from the top of your head to the tip of your toes.

Have you known people who were rushed to the hospital believing they were having a heart attack only to have the doctors find nothing wrong? This is not a heart attack. It is a gas attack. As the gas rises and puts pressure on the lungs and heart, the absorbed poisons eat up minerals and oxygen needed by these organs causing a weakened state in this area. This also causes all sorts of aches and pains and puts physical and chemical pressure on the kidneys, adrenals and spine!

Do you go to the chiropractor every two weeks because your hips and spine are hurting or out of place? Why not deal with the cause of the problem? You need to clean and tone your digestive tract! Weak and toxic abdomen muscles will create many problems for the hips and spine. Another abdominal trouble is when the intestine falls down and out. This is where it obviously hangs down over the belt and pants. These two abdominal situations start or exacerbate hundreds of related conditions.

Some of these troubles will involve your prostate, ovaries, and bladder which sit immediately in front of this toxic waste dump. In addition, other conditions can develop such as Crohn’s Disease, colitis, ulcerative colitis, diverticulitis, fistula, anal fissures, hemorrhoids, ulcers, hiatal hernia, cancers, varicose veins, cold feet, poor circulation, sex problems, gout or achy joints. Then there is candida albicans, chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia all stemming from the same problem – a toxic body with a low pH level caused by a malfunctioning digestive tract.

We hope we have brought to you logic and a clear understanding that the majority of all illnesses come from a malfunctioning digestive tract. It is possible to have many disorders while never understanding the true cause. All digestive diseases are a result of long-term infection and inflammation. Remember it’s not what comes out – it’s what stays in that kills us. We can make matters worse or get back to basics.

It is never too late to start living a healthy life. Restore your vital health. Cleanse Daily – Live Long – Live Well!