Sun – To Tan or Not to Tan…… That is the Question!

Years ago, we were unaware of the lethal consequences in taking off your shirt to enjoy the sun. There were no UVA & UVB indexes on the TV or suntan lotions with SPF 5 to 50. If you elected to stay out in the sun until your skin became bright red and was burnt; then the pain you experienced later that night was Mother Nature’s way of telling you not to do it again.

Today we have more difficult problems to deal with; how to get a beautiful tan and not get cancer in the process. The best answer is to simply to sacrifice the tan and stay out of the sun. Unfortunately, we know you all want to have a beautiful tan and, today, the answer is a little more complex. We are now challenged with the calculation of a mathematical formula based on expose time to the sun, the UVA/UVB index, and choosing the right sun tan lotion with the correct SPF number. You then must consider the unknown factors of going to the “electric beach” (Sun Tanning Bed), skin lotion with color enhancer, and misting tans.

Even if you do manage to achieve an even tan without apparent excessive exposure to the sun, dermatologists are now warning that tanned skin is damaged skin. A suntan is actually the result of skin injury. It is a sign that your DNA has been harmed and that your body is trying to protect you by making your skin tougher, thicker and browner. A tan may appear healthy-looking, but, in reality, a tan means leathery skin, dilated blood vessels, wrinkling and brown spots. As you age, the damage becomes more pronounced and the net result is you look a lot older than you really are.

We are concerned with your health and the present news regarding the relationship between Vitamin D and sun exposure. First of all, Vitamin D is produced naturally by the body through its exposure to sunlight. There has always been a difference of option between the government imposed Recommended Daily Allowance (RDAs) and Physicians who use Orthomolecular Medicine (high vitamin therapy). Most RDAs are based on preventing Scurvy or Rickets, which are out-dated in today’s world. Linus Pauling, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize for Chemistry, advocated 3000 mg to 5000 mg of Vitamin C per day as opposed to between 60 mg to100 mg as advocated by the RDA. Some medical authorities will still tell you that taking vitamins is a waste of time and money.

The most current research has shown that increased serum levels of Vitamin D (25-hydroxy-vitamin D [25(OH)D]) acts as a powerful anti-carcinogen which the body changes into a steroid hormone.  This steroid hormone is crucial in repairing damaged cells and maintaining good health. One clinical trial stated a 60% reduction in some forms of cancer in women. Additionally, serious illnesses associated with low Vitamin D levels include; multiple sclerosis, juvenile diabetes, influenza, osteoporosis, and bone fractures among the elderly.  It is also noted that Reinhold Vieth, one of the world’s top Vitamin D researchers at the University of Toronto, Canada, feels most individuals are deficient in Vitamin D.

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To obtain enough Vitamin D from fortified food is almost impossible. An individual would have to drink 3 liters of milk just to reach the RDA (and that should be only organic or raw milk).  Depending on the individual, 1500 to 3000 IUs of Vitamin D would be more beneficial to prevent disease as opposed to the current RDA of 800 IU.  Authorities feel that brief, 10 to20 minutes, full body exposure to bright sunshine would be the best source of Vitamin D; taking all precautions to avoid any skin damage. You would also be required to take Vitamin D supplements, especially if you live in the Northern Hemisphere, to reach a therapeutic dosage.

This is just one more example of a complete turn-about of conventional medicine’s thinking when they find out that the natural medicines they would not recommend in the past are now shown to be more powerful in disease prevention, more so than the pharmaceuticals that they promote.

The best health comes through knowledge.

It is never too late to start living a healthy life.

Wishing you the best in health,
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