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The Ultimate Lemonade Cleanse

The Foundational First Step In Healing

Individuals will struggle for years with countless, different detoxification cleanses, only to have temporary or partial success. This is because most detoxification programs are not balanced properly to facilitate the efficient removal of toxins.

Isn’t it time to start using products that will enhance and accelerate whole body’s detoxification and rejuvenation on a cellular level?

Constructive changes will address the underlying roots of illness and help you to regain or maintain good health. The Ultimate Lemonade Cleanse is a most effective cleanse to detoxify and "reclaim the inner terrain". It creates an environment in which disease cannot survive. The Lemonade Cleanse has few or mild symptoms experienced by the individual as they detox.

This program is the most powerful healing program available and is foundational for recapturing one's vital health.

The Ultimate Lemonade Cleanse is the first step in the recovery from chronic illness. A toxic body will not heal itself without help. The Ultimate Lemonade Cleanse will help to support the body in its struggle to reverse the disease. The Ultimate Lemonade Cleanse will make a difference by eliminating the toxic burden on the body and increasing its cellular metabolic energy before entering the second-phase support program.

This program is more effective than juicing or spending hundreds of dollars on herbal cleanses for organ detoxification. It is also highly effective in preparing your body for any additional cleansing that may be required.

When we are healthy, we can prevent disease, maintain an ideal body weight, increase immune system functions, and preserve our energetic and youthful vitality. Use of The Ultimate Lemonade Cleanse, twice annually, will help us achieve this goal.


Good Reason to Take in Vitamin Supplements

Vitamin SupplementsMany people think that consuming well balanced diet gives all the vitamins and proteins required for a good health. In normal circumstances, yes this is the case, but in fact there are several reasons why you should have vitamin and nutritional supplements to cope with living today. Consuming vitamin supplements when necessary is a good technique of optimizing your dietary sources of nutrients, providing you follow proper instructions on the product labels. 

Following are some of the circumstances when you may require supplements:

1. Poor Digestion

Even when you intake good food, incompetent digestion could restrict your body’s uptake of vitamins. Some ordinary causes of incompetent digestion are not chewing healthy enough and eating very fast. Both of these result in larger than usual food element size, too large to permit full action of digestive enzymes. Many people with dentures are not capable to chew as powerfully as those with a full set of real teeth.


Royal Tea

Royal TeaThe Wolfe Clinic has tested hundreds of colon and intestinal cleansing products and Royal Tea is, by far, the best. Good intestinal health is important and should be preserved and maintained daily. This is the only product that does that safely and effectively.

While not an easy topic to address, colon and intestinal cleansing is a subject that needs to be dealt with in the quest for weight management and vital health. Royal Tea is a safe, natural, and powerful means of promoting the healthy elimination of potentially harmful toxins and waste while opening the pathway to superior assimilation of important nutrients. It promotes the health and longevity of many organs, systems, glands and processes related to your digestive system.

The use of Royal Tea has many additional benefits: improves overall digestion, strengthens the immune system, reduces mucus congestion, makes the skin more emollient and flexible, clears the eyes and provides an overall tonic effect on the body. It aids in cleansing and detoxifying the blood, kidneys, liver and lymph. As well, it helps to eliminate parasites, bad bacteria, viruses and fungus on a daily basis by releasing heavy metals and increasing the pH of the body. Royal Tea is a safe and gentle cleanser that also helps reverse the aging process.


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