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Our New StoreIt's been an exciting past few months here at The Wolfe Clinic! We have officially opened a walk-in storefront! It's one of the first brick-and-mortar shops in the world to carry the vast selection of Dr. Clark products and protocols available. You can also find many of the other products here that are listed on our Online Store!

If you live in the Chattanooga, TN area please come for a visit!

5959 Shallowford Road, Suite 317
Chattanooga, TN 37421
Phone: 423-648-7570
Hours: 10am - 4pm


The Candida and Fungus Within Us

The Major Cause of Disease & the Destruction of Your Health

ResearchOne of the greatest health risks to human life today is not what you would ordinarily think of or focus your attention on. It is a largely unknown and underestimated enemy; fungus overgrowth in the human body! It may be the greatest of all the known risks to your health, because most of us either ignore it or deny its existence. Doctors are not alarmed by the presence of fungus in humans, because we normally have some present at all times. What is dangerous, though, is Candida overgrowth when it saturates the body. And as you'll see, unknowingly, doctors may even contribute to the dangerous Candida overgrowth in our bodies.

This may help explain why there is no simple solution to Chronic Fatigue, Diabetes, Heart Disease, Cancer, Fibromyalgia and many more persistent diseases. A host of symptoms within these disorders is called a syndrome; in other words, they are our fault. And where do the great medical researchers of our time say all these diseases come from? They sure don't know. How do you correct them? They don’t know that either. We just manage them with drugs.


Royal Tea

Royal TeaThe Wolfe Clinic has tested hundreds of colon and intestinal cleansing products and Royal Tea is, by far, the best. Good intestinal health is important and should be preserved and maintained daily. This is the only product that does that safely and effectively.

While not an easy topic to address, colon and intestinal cleansing is a subject that needs to be dealt with in the quest for weight management and vital health. Royal Tea is a safe, natural, and powerful means of promoting the healthy elimination of potentially harmful toxins and waste while opening the pathway to superior assimilation of important nutrients. It promotes the health and longevity of many organs, systems, glands and processes related to your digestive system.

The use of Royal Tea has many additional benefits: improves overall digestion, strengthens the immune system, reduces mucus congestion, makes the skin more emollient and flexible, clears the eyes and provides an overall tonic effect on the body. It aids in cleansing and detoxifying the blood, kidneys, liver and lymph. As well, it helps to eliminate parasites, bad bacteria, viruses and fungus on a daily basis by releasing heavy metals and increasing the pH of the body. Royal Tea is a safe and gentle cleanser that also helps reverse the aging process.


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Royal Tea

Royal Tea

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