What is Royal Flora?

royalfloraRoyal Flora is a unique, stable, probiotic supplement made up of friendly soil based micro organisms with a proven track record. These help stabilize the colonic ph and restore the proper bacterial balance (we should have a balance of about 85% good to 15% harmful organisms in the intestinal tract) known as homeostasis, by crowding out the bad bacteria.

The Royal Flora formula is not made like all the other probitics. Its efficacy is measured in the fact that it lives in its own natural food source and the organisms have a natural symbiotic relationship. The organisms are viable and know how to communicate to various organs in the body. It is a natural chelating agent, so the humic/fulvic acids provide essential minerals/trace elements that are building block for activation of digestive enzymes. Royal Flora goes beyond probiotics.

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Our New Affiliate Program

comegrowWAffiliate programs are common throughout the Internet and offer website owners an additional way to spread the word about their websites. Among others, our program is free to join, easy to sign up and requires no technical knowledge! As our affiliates, you will generate traffic and sales for our website and receive attractive commissions in return.

Have a Healthy Christmas

holidayWe all dream of a stress-free Christmas.  Stress over the holidays?  Who needs it?

For many, the approach to Christmas is a period of anxiety and dread.  We’re already facing long chilly, dark, and gloomy wintry days.  Earlier each year it seems like we are under bombardment from relentless commercial reminders that Christmas is the next big event on the calendar.

Good Reason to Take in Vitamin Supplements

Good Reason to Take in Vitamin SupplementsMany people think that consuming well balanced diet gives all the vitamins and proteins required for a good health. In normal circumstances, yes this is the case, but in fact there are several reasons why you should have vitamin and nutritional supplements to cope with living today. Consuming vitamin supplements when necessary is a good technique of optimizing your dietary sources of nutrients, providing you follow proper instructions on the product labels.

Following are some of the circumstances when you may require supplements:

1. Poor Digestion

Even when you intake good food, incompetent digestion could restrict your body’s uptake of vitamins. Some ordinary causes of incompetent digestion are not chewing healthy enough and eating very fast. Both of these result in larger than usual food element size, too large to permit full action of digestive enzymes. Many people with dentures are not capable to chew as powerfully as those with a full set of real teeth.

The Candida and Fungus Within Us

The Major Cause of Disease & the Destruction of Your Health

ResearchOne of the greatest health risks to human life today is not what you would ordinarily think of or focus your attention on. It is a largely unknown and underestimated enemy; fungus overgrowth in the human body! It may be the greatest of all the known risks to your health, because most of us either ignore it or deny its existence. Doctors are not alarmed by the presence of fungus in humans, because we normally have some present at all times. What is dangerous, though, is Candida overgrowth when it saturates the body. And as you’ll see, unknowingly, doctors may even contribute to the dangerous Candida overgrowth in our bodies.

Sun – To Tan or Not to Tan…… That is the Question!

Years ago, we were unaware of the lethal consequences in taking off your shirt to enjoy the sun. There were no UVA & UVB indexes on the TV or suntan lotions with SPF 5 to 50. If you elected to stay out in the sun until your skin became bright red and was burnt; then the pain you experienced later that night was Mother Nature’s way of telling you not to do it again.

Today we have more difficult problems to deal with; how to get a beautiful tan and not get cancer in the process. The best answer is to simply to sacrifice the tan and stay out of the sun. Unfortunately, we know you all want to have a beautiful tan and, today, the answer is a little more complex. We are now challenged with the calculation of a mathematical formula based on expose time to the sun, the UVA/UVB index, and choosing the right sun tan lotion with the correct SPF number. You then must consider the unknown factors of going to the “electric beach” (Sun Tanning Bed), skin lotion with color enhancer, and misting tans.

Our Shop is Now Open!

newclarkstoreIt’s been an exciting past few months here at The Wolfe Clinic! We have officially opened a walk-in storefront! It’s one of the first brick-and-mortar shops in the world to carry the vast selection of Dr. Clark products and protocols available. You can also find many of the other products here that are listed on our Online Store!

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5959 Shallowford Road, Suite 317
Chattanooga, TN 37421
Phone: 423-648-7570
Hours: 10am – 4pm

pH Balance – The Foundation of Health

pH-and-cancer-alkaline-stripAccording to the research of Dr. Enderlein, total healing of chronic illness takes place only when and if the blood is restored to a normal, slightly alkaline pH. The magnitude of meaning behind this research is of incredible importance to someone who is fighting a disease, overcoming an illness, or just desiring to feel better. What it means is this… Your Body pH affects EVERYTHING.

Human blood stays in a very narrow pH range right around 7.3. Below or above this range means symptoms and disease. When pH goes off, microorganisms in the blood can change shape, mutate, become pathogenic, and thrive. When pH goes off, ENZYMES that are constructive can become destructive. When pH goes off, OXYGEN delivery to cells suffers.

Sugar Land Express

Sugar, Sugar, Sugar…. What does it do to us?

altChristmas has just passed and you can still feel the excitement in the air. The bright lights, snow, presents, great food, Christmas trees, Christmas Carols and reuniting with family and friends. It can be a fantastic time, but all this excitement can cause some people to feel more distressed than euphoric. Some individuals who have not been able to achieve the ideal Walt Disney/Norman Rockwell picture of Christmas joy may actually feel depressed. Statically December has the highest incidence of depression and suicide. What can be done to make the holidays more enjoyable for everyone and leveling out the emotional highs and lows of the Holiday Season?

Flu and Cold Season – Protect Yourself

How Do I Catch these Bugs?Oh, the misery! Your head is pounding, your whole body aches, your nose is running and that persistent cough kept you up half the night. What to do? More importantly, what should you have done to avoid this situation? At a time like this, it is hard to help yourself, let alone look after a family.

Cold and flu viruses are lurking everywhere you go, but there are simple steps to stay healthy. Prevention can mean the difference between an enjoyable holiday season spent with family and friends or a miserable week spent alone in bed.