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Give Your Body The ROYAL Treatment

The ultimate rejuvenating whole body cleanse! Live long, live well, cleanse daily.

We've tested hundreds of colon and intestinal cleansing products and Royal Tea is the best
- by far.

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What is Royal Tea?

Royal Tea is super concentrated, pure and organic. It is a safe, natural, and powerful means of healthy elimination of potentially harmful toxins and waste while promoting superior assimilation of essential nutrients.

It has many additional benefits: it improves digestion, strengthens the immune system, reduces mucus congestion, makes the skin more emollient & flexible, clears the eyes, and provides an overall boost to the system. It aids in cleansing and detoxifying the blood, kidneys, liver and lymph. It helps to release heavy metals and increases the pH of the body. It even reduces acidity, not only from the digestive tract, but from other organs and tissues.

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Why Not a Full Cleanse?

Colon cleanse packages are good, but they are only band aids. They act as a short term solution without really addressing the underlying intestinal disorders. Results are short lived with a 3 week cleanse exhibiting only 3 weeks of relief. One can look at the short term cleanses as a holiday for the colon, but once the "holiday" is over, the colon returns to the recurrent malabsorbing, bloating and gaseous problems.

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Royal Tea is Affordable

Each package contains 12 super concentrated, pure, organic tea bags. 2 teabags are used to produce a gallon of Royal Tea. Since it takes the average user a week to get through a gallon of the tea, a "one month supply" can easily last longer than a month.

- Persimmon Leaves
- Malva Leaves
- Holy Thistle
- Marshmallow Leaves
- Blessed Thistle

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See What Our Customers Are Saying

Janet G.
It was the most powerful yet gentle cleanse I have ever used. I have introduced it to all my friends and family members!
Shirley P.
I use the Royal Tea for my health, to control my cholesterol, and as a detox. My daughter and my goddaughter do, as well. Ease of use and no side effects - it's good for me!
Joanne I.
I love the Royal Tea. I count on it to keep my system moving and it makes me feel so good!


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