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Herpes Protocol

altThe human body always has bacteria, viruses and even cancer cells present within it, which could cause a serious illness if it were not for the body's immune system. The immune system destroys these invaders so the body will not develop a serious illness. You are born with a healthy immune system, but it can be damaged through vaccination, endo-exotoxins, radiation, toxic drugs and other factors that would then allow a disease to develop in the human body.

It is only when the immune system is weakened or damaged that disease will occur. According to medical terminology, Herpes is a viral disease.  Both Herpes Simplex Type I & II are not affected by antibiotics. As well, there are no effective anti-viral drugs available. This means only a healthy immune system can effectively control and destroy herpes and keep you healthy.

Understanding the disease process is very important for the person who is using natural medicine, because that person is part of the team who works with the natural health practitioner to regain their health. 

The Herpes virus remains in the host body for life. Most of the time the viruses are dormant and the person has no symptoms. People with Herpes Simplex Type 11 should be aware that they need to practice safe sex. Even when they have no symptoms, there is still a chance that they may infect their partner without knowing it.  


The diet should consists of high L-Lysine foods and low L-Arginine foods:
L-Lysine foods include: most fruit and vegetables, particularly papaya; beets; small amounts of dairy if you are not lactose intolerant; eggs; avocados; tomatoes; deep sea fish; chicken; lamb; beef; brewer's yeast; and sprouts.

Avoid foods that are high in L-Arginine such as: nuts, chocolate, coconut, seeds, oats, white bread, lentils, white rice, dried beans (including soybeans), tofu, caffeine and sugar.


Stress reduction in important.  We suggest trying some stress-reduction therapies to see which works best for a person such as meditation, yoga, tai chi, qi gong, etc.  Another therapy that can help is full body far infrared therapy.  Supplements and herbal teas such as Passion Flower or Chamomile can relax the nerves and have a calming effect.

Herpes Protocol

The Wolfe Clinic has put together a very effective Herpes Protocol.  The protocol consists of supplements to be taken internally for immune system modulation as well as a topical solution to be applied externally when any sensations of an outbreak occur.

Most patients will be aware of certain sensations prior to the outbreak of a Herpes blister. This is called the prodromal (non-specific symptoms) phase and includes fatigue, general malaise, and a tingling sensation in the area where the breakout will occur. If the person treats this problem early, they may prevent a breakout of the blisters from occurring. However, if an outbreak does occur, applythe following: 

Topical Solution:   1/2 tsp DMSO 70% with aloe vera gel with 5-10 drops of Tea Tree Oil (can be purchased at local health stores). This should be applied sparingly with a Q-tip to the blisters as it will sting at first, so be careful. The Tea Tree Oil is an anti-viral essential oil which is mixed with the DMSO to penetrate deep into the blister. Be sure to keep the infected area dry and clean. 

Caution:  Do not let the DMSO come into contact with plastic or fabric since it attaches to whatever it touches.  Use a stainless steel spoon - NOT a plastic measuring spoon - to measure DMSO.  To mix the DMSO and Tea Tree Oil, use a small glass container - NOT a plastic container.  Once it has been applied to the skin area, let it dry before putting any clothing or anything else in contact with the area of application.  Be sure to wash hands after handling DMSO and before touching other objects.

The Herpes Protocol for immune system modulation can be downloaded by clicking on the Download Protocol button:

Download Protocol

Wishing you the best in health,
The Wolfe Clinic


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