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Stop Child Abuse "Junk The Junk Food"

You walk through the entrance to the grocery store, planning to buy only the few items on your list. You're just inside the door when your young child begins to beg for a junk food item sitting in a colorful display box. You give in hoping it will make the rest of the trip easier, when just halfway down the first aisle your child begins begging for another junk food item. Sound familiar?

Marketing Techniques Aimed At Children


Saturday Morning Commercials

School Vending Machines

The Internet


Consider some of the latest health statistics:

Junk Food is Shutting Out Healthy Food

What exactly is being done?

The Real Dangers of Soda to You and Your Children

What is in a soft drink?

Statistics on soft drinks

Fifty-six percent of 8-year-olds down soft drinks daily and a third of teenage boys drink at least three cans of soda pop per day.

Health Effects Of Soft Drinks


Tooth Decay

Caffeine Dependence

Bone Weakening

What Can Be Done to Stop This Child Abuse?



Sara Parr
#1 Sara Parr 2012-06-22 17:46
Just ex and I have 50/50 custody, but whenever she is with him he only serves "junk" - hot dogs, mac n cheese, fast food, frozen pizza...then returns to me and after eating "homemade" foods, veges, fruits, etc. has a very upset stomach, vomiting. I don't want her to be sick, but I am thinking the excessive "processed" foods does upset her...I gues looking for a "right" or "wrong" answer

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