Reclaim Your Inner Terrain

altThere is an insidious silent killer called acidosis that has been stealing the breath of life from you and our planet. The average person is completely uninformed of the acid/alkaline theory on which all life is based. We have been taught to rely solely on doctors for information, who themselves are also unaware of this scientific proven fact. There is only one person to take responsibility for your health and that is YOU!

The Candida and Fungus Within Us

The Major Cause of Disease & the Destruction of Your Health

ResearchOne of the greatest health risks to human life today is not what you would ordinarily think of or focus your attention on. It is a largely unknown and underestimated enemy; fungus overgrowth in the human body! It may be the greatest of all the known risks to your health, because most of us either ignore it or deny its existence. Doctors are not alarmed by the presence of fungus in humans, because we normally have some present at all times. What is dangerous, though, is Candida overgrowth when it saturates the body. And as you’ll see, unknowingly, doctors may even contribute to the dangerous Candida overgrowth in our bodies.

Spoiled Rotten

Sick and Tired

sickandtiredThe Royal Society of Medicine did a major study and found that a dysfunctional large intestine (colon) is the major contributor to 85% of all disease and illness. I believe and will prove conclusively that this condition does, indeed, provide the fuel that fires most chronic disorders. Until the colon gets your full attention and cooperation, on a daily basis, not only will you not prevent or reverse illness, you will remain sick and tired.