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Ultra 1 - Immunity Enhancement

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Help the Immune system fight a cold or flu as well as support your body during long-standing chronic viral problems. Ultra 1 and Ultra 2 work together to help the body fight acute or chronic viruses.


Help the Immune system fight a cold or flu as well as support your body during long-standing chronic viral problems.

These two liquid mineral preparations work together to help the body fight acute or chronic viruses. You will be stunned at the effectiveness of this combination in rapidly knocking out a cold or flu; with only one or two doses. Never be without these remedies in your medicine cabinet.

These products are water soluble crystals and highly absorbable. They will not interfere with other medications. They contain no preservatives or artificial ingredients, they will keep indefinitely and they are hypo-allergenic as well as suitable for vegetarians.

Upon taking Ultra-1 and Ultra-2, immediate "die-off" reactions are usually experienced, such as headaches, dizziness and nausea. This usually passes within 15 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the acuteness of the case. People who have chronic fatigue syndrome or other illnesses characterized by many layers of chronic viruses may wish to take one dose of Ultra-1 and Ultra-2 daily until no die-off reaction is experienced. (Based on our research, we believe that almost everyone with CFS has at least Epstein Barr, Coxsackie, Cytomegalovirus and usually at least half a dozen other chronic viral infections. Low-level viral infections can continually drain the immune system as well as rob the entire body of vitality.)

General Immunity Support

  • 2 teaspoons of each, for children 2 weeks-1 year

  • 1 tablespoon of each, for Children 1-8 years

  • 4 tablespoons 8 years to adult

Note: Initially expect lite-headedness or dizziness, as the minerals work. Never drink directly out of the bottle.

Flu Support

  • Take 2 ounces Ultra-1 – Wait 5 Minutes – Take 2 ounces Ultra-2

  • Two or three hours later repeat these steps

  • Upon awakening the next morning, you may notice the body’s immune system has helped with the FLU virus during the night.

If the person has an upset stomach & expels the ULTRA-2 immediately, wait until the stomach quiets down and then sip on the ULTRA-2 until the stomach clears enough to take a full serving again later.

If you have had the FLU virus for some days which severely weakens the immune system, you may now have a secondary bacterial infection in the bronchial. This creates congestion & coughing but may not be related to the FLU virus.

Remember, the FLU virus is in the CIRCULATORY SYSTEM and the secondary infection may now be in the RESPIRATORY SYSTEM.

Cold Support

This virus may enter the body and lodge for a while at the back of the throat causing a tickle and coughing. It may be good to stop the virus at this point before it spreads.

You may choose to use very small amounts of ULTRA-1 only to gargle as long as possible and finally swallow. Do this repeatedly until about 2 ounces have been consumed. Follow with drinking 2 ounces of the ULTRA-2. You may repeat this as often as needed.

Support for Long-Standing Viral Problems

Note: Best on an empty stomach

  • Shake the bottle and pour (60ml//2oz//1/4 bottle) of the ULTRA-1 into a glass and drink it down.

  • Wait 5 minutes

  • Shake the bottle and pour (60ml//2oz//1/4 bottle) of the ULTRA-2 into a glass and drink it down.

Results: It is normal to feel some light-headedness. The length of time it lasts lets you know how big the problem is. If a response is felt, take the same amount of the ULTRA-1 & 2 the next day and you may notice the light-headedness, etc. getting shorter in duration or time. You should continue each day until no response is felt. You may also notice increased energy from then on.

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