Beck Protocol Booklet

Beck Protocol Booklet

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This booklet contains a wealth of information about the Beck protocol, including testimonials from those who use it, as well as schematics to build a blood electrifier, ionic/colloidal silver maker, magnetic pulse generator and water ozonator. Updated August, 2000.

Who is Bob Beck?

Robert C. Beck is an award–winning research physicist and inventor. Among other things, as a young university student he invented and patented the low voltage electronic flash—he is the father of modern flash photography. After retirement, in 1993 he risked his reputation to pursue microcurrent technology for health after discovering that research at Albert Einstein College of Medicine proved microcurrents of electricity were effective in neutralizing viruses, bacteria and all pathogens in blood in the laboratory. Patent #5,188,738. All other public records of this research have been pulled.

Bob Beck’s follow–up on this research led him to develop his protocol for health:

  • make and drink ionic/colloidal silver

  • use blood electrification with microcurrents of electricity

  • use Magnetic Pulsing for lymph and tissue electrification

  • drink freshly ozonated water to help clear toxins

The tools he developed allow each of us to take responsibility for our own health.