Reclaim Your Inner Terrain

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So why does nature no longer provide the proper pH balance it once did? To begin with, the planet is in an acidic condition because the soil has been stripped of its alkaline minerals and has been denatured with chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides and fungicides. This sorry state, together with toxic wastes, will cause the soil to exhibit an acid pH.

There is an insidious silent killer called acidosis that has been stealing the breath of life from you and our planet. The average person is completely uninformed of the acid/alkaline theory on which all life is based. We have been taught to rely solely on doctors for information, who themselves are also unaware of this scientific proven fact. There is only one person to take responsibility for your health and that is YOU!

Let’s take a look at how the acid/alkaline balance affects our overall health. Your stomach is an acidic organ. Your large intestine is slightly on the acid side, whereas your organ tissues and body fluids should be slightly alkaline (7.2 to 7.4 pH) for good health. Modern living has thrown this internal balance off. Fifty to sixty years ago nature provided us with all the raw materials to keep your body in proper acid/alkaline balance.

So why does nature no longer provide the proper pH balance it once did? To begin with, the planet is in an acidic condition because the soil has been stripped of its alkaline minerals and has been denatured with chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides and fungicides. This sorry state, together with toxic wastes, will cause the soil to exhibit an acid pH.

Our planet is a living, breathing organism. What we give to her, she gives back to us. Is it that hard to see that we only poison ourselves by polluting our planet? This environmental downhill slide picked up speed just after World War II with the escalation of factory farming and increased use of chemical fertilizers. Now we have faster growing and bigger crops but they are laced with toxins and carry less nutrition while at the same time, exhausting the soil of its vital minerals and friendly micro-organisms.

Our lakes and rivers have also been chemically poisoned to the point of killing the fish and wildlife who also call this planet home. If we are killing them, then it follows we are injuring ourselves as well, since we are dependent on the same resources. What about the air we breathe? We all know it is polluted with toxic acid chemicals. We breathe air full of acid particulates that mix with the moisture in our lungs, which in turn makes our tissues acidic.

What are we Feeding Our Bodies? How does this affect our food? Think for a moment of the fruits and vegetables you eat. Don’t they look delicious? They look like good fruits and vegetables but they have no flavor. With the minerals absent from the food they taste like cardboard. Celery sticks taste like chemical sticks – no minerals but lots of chemicals. Minerals give food flavor. This is why processed foods need all the additives – to give them a flavor, false as it may be.

Consider a corn field that has all the proper minerals and friendly microorganisms in the soils. Bugs will not attack or eat the corn because it has a proper pH. In other words, it is not acidic. When the terrain is in proper balance, the corn is healthy and bug-free, because it contains it own anti-bug properties. Why would humans be any different?

Today, food is grown for profit – not for the well being of those who eat it. You haven’t been getting your money’s worth for many years. Farmers get paid to produce maximum yield per acre, not maximum nutrition, so why bother with producing healthy food? We fill our shopping carts and our stomachs, but it doesn’t help us stay healthy. Because of the lack of minerals, enzymes and microorganisms in food today, we are starving to death. We are at war within our own bodies. Bad bacteria, fungus, parasites and viruses feed off disease and the imbalance we now know as “acidosis”.

Research from many sources has established a direct link between soil quality and nutrition levels in foods and levels of disease resistance in plants and animals. This relationship is very simple. As nutritional levels decrease anywhere in the food chain, there is a corresponding increase in disease development throughout the rest of the chain.

So where’s the beef? Let’s look for a moment at the cattle industry. After World War II, chemical fertilizers came fast and furious creating a short-cut for farmers that would lead to demineralizing the soil and denaturing the food, causing the animals to become sick and even sterile. Does this sound familiar? Again the chemical and drug cartels rushed to the aid of farmers by adding hormones and antibiotics to the livestock’s food and water. Their solution is just more of the same garbage that created the problem in the first place. There is only one winner here – and it isn’t the general public.

What do you think the effects of the antibiotics and the hormones have had on the cattle and on the people who consumed them over the last 50 years? Sickness, sterility, chronic illness and disease. If we do not restore balance to nature, then we will suffer by our own doing. All pain and disease in the body (except for trauma) is caused by metabolic acidosis.

You must alkaline your system to refuel your enzymes, hormones and immune system. We cannot reclaim our planet until we work together globally. We must focus on reclaiming our inner terrain if we hope to be happy and healthy while living on a toxic planet that is not about to change quickly. All of our food, water and air have become acidic. It no longer has the ability to alkaline.

Our trees are dying from acid rain and our food is chemically treated and grown in acidic soil watered by acid rain. We know the health conditions of the animals we eat. We worry about the large number of animals on the endangered list. They are on their way to becoming extinct, but we never consider that we are also on the same list. Talk about universal justice. We must now learn how to eliminate the acid from our body and get the proper nutrition which cannot be found at your corner grocery store.

To have a healthy and happy family you must learn the steps to “Reclaim Your Inner Terrain”. You can begin this process by acquiring a simple personal pH test to monitor your family’s acid/alkaline levels on a daily basis. Call or email the Wolfe Clinic for details and start your journey toward the health you deserve.



I believe we are fighting the most devastating war our planet has ever experienced. Millions of people will die if we do not change the way we live our lives. The enemies have no conscience, show no mercy and have no remorse. They are invisible, and believe it or not, WE CREATED MOST OF THEM.

The worst part of this is that those in trust have misinformed us, leaving the majority of the population defenseless against our worst nightmare – Killer Mutant Viruses & Bacteria. This is no time to be a crowd follower or a crowd pleaser. This is a wake-up call. The fight is already going on around you and maybe even within you.

Infectious diseases are the world’s leading cause of premature death, killing more than 13 million children and young adults each year. According to a recent article by the World Health Association (WHO) called “Combating Infectious Diseases,” microbes are unstable and evolve rapidly. During the last 30 years, over thirty new infections have been identified for the first time in humans. Diseases with epidemic potential are emerging or re-emerging at an unprecedented pace as a consequence of the conditions of modern life, including globalization, which facilitates the rapid spread of infectious agents worldwide. “One could hardly have concocted a better-calculated recipe for a tinderbox, as AIDS already harshly teaches. We have never been more vulnerable,” writes Nobel Laureate Joshua Lederberg. “Infection knows no national boundaries, and we will pay dearly if we ignore the smoldering of infection anywhere.” In the competition between people and pathogenic microbes, eternal vigilance is the price of survival.


The man who follows the crowd will only get as far as the crowd. What do we mean by this? All we have to do is turn on the TV or radio or open the newspaper to hear about the mutant killer viruses and bacteria that are resistant to any type of drug therapy. What about the flesh eating bacteria, SARS? West Nile Virus? BSE?


Included in that list is the H5N1 avian virus, which is a deadly strain of the bird flu virus that has emerged in recent years and is the subject of much controversy about whether we are on the verge of a worldwide pandemic or not. October 2004 was a key point in our knowledge of H5N1, because that’s when researchers discovered that the virus was increasing its ability to infect mammals.

Since then, the opinion of experts has changed from being no longer a case of prevention, but of how long we can delay a pandemic.

So far there have been 258 confirmed cases of people catching the H5N1 strain of avian flu, and 154 deaths, mostly in China and southeast Asia. That’s a death rate of over 50%, compared to the “Spanish” influenza pandemic of 1918–1919, which had a death rate of 2% and caused 50 million deaths worldwide.

Now, let’s address the comeback of diseases that have supposedly been cured. USA Today ran a story entitled “Ancient Ills Return with a Vengeance”. Eleven diseases believed to be gone are back. Among them are Ebola, Anthrax, Hantavirus, Dengue, Cholera, Pertussis, Diphtheria, Lassa Fever, Rift Valley Fever, Yellow Fever and the Black Plague.

There is a pneumonia that even the young are now being afflicted with. The twenty-four hour flu is now the two week or one month flu. The killer bugs are becoming stronger as our immune systems are growing weaker. If we continue on our present path, we will always be prone to these diseases.

Super Bugs are winning the war. Drug resistant bacteria are breeding everywhere. They are infecting our hospitals at an alarming rate, preying on the weak and vulnerable due to nutritional mismanagement and overuse of antibiotics. Infected patients are put into isolation since antibiotics can no longer treat their infections effectively.

This bacteria is called Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus, commonly known as MRSA. The number of death certificates in the UK which mentioned MRSA as the cause of death, increased from just 13 in 1993 to an an estimated 5000 in Britain alone in 2003. Cases of a more deadly strain, C-difficile, have soared 17 per cent in 2006 while a new bug, PVL, has killed several people including a premature newborn baby boy ( Dec 2006). In addition to the baby boy who died at Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital, five other infants in the neonatal unit were found to have been contaminated with the killer bug. Health campaigners say the true number of deaths from hospital-acquired infections in the UK stands at well over 10,000 in 2006. In the USA, the Centre For Disease Control (CDC) estimate that there are about 90,000 deaths per annum related to Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI’s) most commonly MRSA.

About one in twenty Americans will contract a HAI during a stay in the hospital, but most states are not required by law to provide this information. A recent report from a state that is required to report these cases, Pennsylvania , came up with the following figures: Number of hospital-acquired infections in 2004: 11,668. Number of deaths associated with hospital-acquired infections: 1,510. Extra number of hospital days associated with these infections: 205,000. Additional hospital charges: $2 billion. The survey was carried out by the Pennsylvania Health Care Cost Containment Council (PHC4). Incredibly, these figures are almost certainly understated, as sixteen hospitals reported no infections at all! It is all the more unbelievable when it is a matter of record that the hospitals billed for some 115,631 hospital acquired infections while only reporting 11,668! If these figures are mirrored across the country, the scale of the problem is beyond belief.

Until recently, MRSA was rarely identified outside of the hospital. But now, school children and athletes in contact sports are being diagnosed more frequently. It’s most prevalent, as it has been for years, in long-term care facilities and hospitals, but over the past two or three years it has become common within schools. Because of this the CDC sent out a nationwide warning targeting college and high schools. MRSA can survive for 24 hours on clothing and hard surfaces. Some schools are tackling the problem by using special chemicals designed to fight it. Experts say teens may be more susceptible to these infections because some may be a little lax when it comes to practicing good hygiene.

Many people now have MRSA organisms on their skin or living in their noses and never become ill; but if they have a cut or abrasion, any type of breakdown in the defense of the skin, then the organism can go deep and cause disease.

These hospital-bred infections are an epidemic which have lethal side effects. What we have seen is only the tip of the iceberg. Antibacterial cleansers and antibiotics have turned our hospitals into a treacherous war zone. This is due to the Killer Bugs and their ability to mutate and adapt like the cockroach.


Where are the so-called miracle cures? Most well known researchers and doctors now believe that it is these antibiotics that have created these monsters. Foolishly, we have overused our so called magic bullets, arrogantly underestimating the ability of bacteria to mutate and adapt.

The parasites, viruses and bacteria are all coming back with a vengeance, armed with the knowledge of what killed them before. This time they are not going to be affected by the same strategy. I ask you, “Did we ever kill them?”

We are at the end of the antibiotic miracle age. It is payback time. We no longer believe that we can beat bacterial or viral evolution.

Antibiotic-resistant bacteria can be found in all North American major intensive care units as well as in schools. This is a no-win situation for the doctor, the patient, our children and the health care system. If you have a chronic condition, these killer bugs may play the decisive role in whether or not you recover. The longer a patient stays in a hospital, the more likely they are to catch an infection.

Even more resistant strains of bacteria and viruses are on the playing field, as well as other newer strains such as the avian flu and the West Nile Virus. What is most troubling is that the new ones seem to be popping up almost weekly. Doctors say that chances are, you would not be susceptible unless you have a serious underlying disease or have been on antibiotics. The experts also say that if your strength returns, it is believed our bodies can fight off these invaders. What does this say about the importance of our inner terrain and the significance of an alkaline pH?

These super bugs are striking younger and younger people. There is no doubt that having children on antibiotics is a huge problem. When it comes to antibiotics vs bacteria, we know who the winner is here.

The standard protective measures of washing hands, isolating the patients, and screening new admissions are the only real weapons that medicine has against the antibiotic-resistant super bug as well as other super bugs. This is small comfort and offers very little protection. Isolation becomes impossible as the number of infections rise. There are not enough rooms to isolate people with MRSA to minimize cross infection. These invaders hardly ever affect healthy people. So what do you think your next step should be?

Over the years, I have read and studied a broad range of subjects relating to health. The more I research, the more I find overlap and repetition. The terminology may be different but, after you see through the camouflage and confusion, there is usually very little mystery left.

Call the Wolfe Clinic for your family's first line of defense. Your first aid kit against these drug resistant microorganisms should include Royal Tea, Royal Flora, and Royal Oil of Oregano. No home should be without them.


I believe the battle cry here is to reclaim our inner terrain. We have now entered a critical time when it comes to bacterial warfare. Our greatest weapon against this is an alkaline body. The pH balance of your inner terrain is your first and best line of defense for your immune system. The creation of an alkaline body is the single most important thing that you can do.

This must never be overlooked if health and vitality is your goal. Everyone has heard about the germ theory, but I have to tell you that germs do not cause disease. Everybody believes that germs cause disease, but this is only a half-truth that has been perpetuated into a whole truth.

These are the dying words of Louis Pasteur, who actually made vaccines what they are today. “The germ is nothing, the inner terrain is everything.” I will prove to you in the next few minutes that the theory of trying to destroy bad bacteria for better health is not only temporary but can dangerously threaten your health and life in the future.

What we are looking at is a whole generation of health practitioners who are trying to manipulate the immune system into health. Scientific research and logic shows us that creating a system that manages our inner terrain through pH balancing is the greatest weapon for the health of mankind.


The Inner Terrain, we are talking about, is our digestive tract, our lymph system, our blood and interstitial fluids. All of these things must be managed properly through pH balancing. How many people and practitioners do you know who believe that the immune system is the body’s first line of defense? Well, it isn’t. It is just a glorified janitorial service. What we need to recognize is that your first and major line of defense is your pH balance. There is only one sickness, one disease, and one cause.

You have to ask yourself, “What is this? What is killing us?” It is acidosis. Acidosis is the main cause of all illness. When I say this, I mean ALL illness, because your inner terrain holds the secrets to whether you are going to lead a healthy vital life or whether you are going to live in sickness and disease.

It is scientifically proven that an acidic environment breeds fungus, mold, bacteria and viruses. Right now you will find many health professionals and patients trying to attack the mold, the candida, the fungus and the parasites. Understand that all of these things only come along for the parasite party. If you can get your pH in proper balance, you can send these bugs packing and they will leave out of any orifice possible and never come back, because environment is everything. Call today for your pH test kit and track your progress.


Let’s talk about your refrigerator. Go home, unplug your refrigerator and discover what happens. Now remember that before you unplugged that fridge there was no mold, no bad bacteria and no bugs. By pulling the plug you change the environment. Watch the process carefully. Your food will start to break down through fermentation and then putrefaction. Things start growing and crawling around. Where did they come from? You know that they didn’t sneak in. The door was closed. They were always there. It is just that they have gone through metamorphosis, and they have changed due to an environmental shift. In other words “a drop in pH”.

These parasitic invaders are made up of the same material as your immune system. If your body’s environment is not in proper balance, it will mutate and possibly kill you. If it does not kill you immediately, it will keep you in a state of sickness that will pull your immune system down gradually and continually until it threatens your life. If you do not believe this, pull the plug on your refrigerator and just see what happens. Prove it to yourself. You must cleanse your body and balance your pH or else parasites, bad bacteria, funguses and viruses will always return.


Let us take another example: A banana. Take a banana away from its life source and you change its environment. The banana soon develops brown spots on its surface. What are these brown spots? They are actually mold. The internal environment is becoming acidic. The banana is going moldy. How many people do you know have brown spots on their face, the back of their hands or on their entire body? We are talking about mold on the inside of the body causing external symptoms we call age spots. You must cleanse the colon and liver to reverse this condition.

When you talk about fungus, you are talking about athlete’s foot, vaginitis, thrush, eczema, psoriasis, ear infections, sinus infections and even cancer. This is all about mold and you cannot have mold unless you have a drop in your pH. You have to be suffering from acidosis due to a lack of oxygen to your cells, because your hydrogen pools are depleted and your drinking water is not restructured, electron charged, alkaline and clustered.


Let’s take it a little further. I would like you to imagine something. Don’t clean your house for a year. What will happen if you don’t clean your house for a year and continue to live in that environment? You are going to create disease. In other words, a disease environment for bacterial warfare.

Take a look around. How many people do you know are suffering from allergies, asthma, arthritis, cancer, environmental illness, chronic fatigue, etc.? Acidic pH and putrefaction in your body will create an environment for various types of nasty bugs, i.e., bacteria, parasites and fungus. All of these microorganisms are going to pull the immune system down.


Let’s take a look at the garbage can. We have one garbage can that is full of garbage and another one that is clean. We are going to put a lid on both garbage cans. Now open up the full garbage can and reach on in. You are going to find worms, mold, bad bacteria and decay. What is all of this? It is not fermentation. It is putrefaction. The terrain in the garbage can has gone into a state of acidosis.

Should we kill the bugs or change the environment? If we kill the bugs without changing the environment, they will be back the next day. Open the second garbage can that was clean. It is still clean… no bugs, no mold and no disease. If you have an environment that is in proper pH (alkaline), you will not have these invaders.

We cannot go out and successfully attack mold, bacteria and viruses with vaccinations and antibiotics, because this does not kill them permanently. It makes them stronger, and they learn to adapt, just like a cockroach. These molds and bad bacteria were friendly at one time. However, we created the setting that became inhospitable, and this hostile environment, in turn, sent out invitations to join the parasite party that is going on inside you. What you have to do is change your inner terrain.

Take another look at the garbage can that is clean. It has no parasites, no bad bacteria, no mold, and no viruses. They are unable to exist in it. Now look at the garbage can that has these bug-like invaders in it, and your first instinct is to use chemical sprays to kill those bugs and walk away. But guess what? Tomorrow morning, as soon as you get up, those bugs are going to be back. You did not change the environment, and that is the whole issue… no environmental change means no permanent change. A proper digestive cleansing and rebuilding program is a must.


We have to look at it this way. Do the mosquitoes create the swamp, or does the swamp create the mosquitoes? We need to look at things logically, from the global level to the cellular level. Everything revolves around the theory of an alkaline system. If you can understand that theory, then you know that germs are nothing and the environment inside your body is everything.

Life and death are in the blood. How are your inner streams? The most important thing is to “Reclaim Your Inner Terrain”. We talk about ecology, the air, the water and the land. There are no specific diseases, only specific disease conditions and one disease. That one disease is acidosis. When we think acid, we think of something that is corrosive and something that eats anything in its way. Think about ammonia or any other corrosive chemical. It can take the wax right off your floor. When you start building up acid in your body, it will literally eat your body away.

Modern habits contribute to acidosis in the body – consumption of acidic food and drink, exercising improperly, drinking water that does not hydrate or cleanse thoroughly, inhalation of polluted air, mold and stressful situations. Proper periodic body cleansing is the key.


I say to you that cancer is a four-letter word and that word is “ACID”. Cancer is a systemic disease that has localized and metastasized to the weakest point in the body, whether it is in the breast, prostate, uterus, ovaries, colon, liver or lungs.

A tumor is a storage shed for acid. How does breast cancer develop? Let us look at weight problems first. Take a look around the planet, especially in North America, and you will see weight problems in epidemic proportions. People are getting fatter.

We work out. We count calories. We take protein shakes. We go on this and that diet system, but we never ever lose the weight for long. It always comes back… usually more than before.

Now what is the forbidden secret? Do you know why it comes back? We never address the real problem ,and that problem is acidosis.


The human body is very smart. When you start becoming acidic, the human body says, “Acid is the killer, and we cannot have it close to any vital organs. It will cause heart attacks, strokes, hardening of the arteries and almost any disease you want to talk about, from diabetes to psoriasis to allergies to asthma and cancer.”

If this acidic condition becomes too close to the organs, it will eat away at them. It will cause cells to mutate. It will reduce the oxygen. It will cause plaque in the arteries. It will deplete calcium and other alkaline minerals. What we have to do is keep this acidic condition as far away as possible from the vital organs.

In order to protect the organs, the body creates fat cells to store the acid. Fat cells are cold because the acid in the cells eats up the oxygen and hydrogen. Without oxygen and hydrogen, cells lack energy and warmth. They are cold.


What your body actually does is make fat. Whether you like it or not, fat and cellulite are saving your life. These fat cells and cellulite are packing up the acids and taking it (as far away as possible) from your vital organs. The more acidic somebody gets, the wider they get and more cellulite is created, because the acid has to be moved away from the organs. So the more acidic you get, the heavier you are going to get since the body creates more cellulite.

The longer you stay acidic, the longer you keep these fat cells and the colder they become. What do I mean by cold? They are lacking the life force because they are not alkaline and because they lack oxygen. They are acidic, and anything that is acidic is lacking in oxygen… no fuel to burn. That is why fat is cold. As soon as you can start to remove the acid from your body, you will see that the fat cells will leave and not come back.

Try to starve your body into health if you want to, but all you will accomplish is to draw the acid closer to those vital organs and then end up in with chronic health troubles.

We know that acid gets stored in fat cells. That is scientifically proven. When all is said and done, any really good health practitioner or knowledgeable person is going to turn to this philosophy, because it is the principal of truth. And truth is the only thing that can lead us, as a nation, out of sickness. I would like to finish the overweight issue with an article that I read recently in a newspaper.


If your New Year’s resolution includes dieting, the top editors of the New England Journal of Medicine advise you to eat up.

“Until we have better data about the risks of being overweight and the benefits and risks of trying to lose weight, we should remember that the cure for obesity may be worse than the condition,” – Dr. Jerome Kasirer and Dr. Marcia Angell said in an editorial in the latest edition of ‘The Weekly’.


Let’s get back to breast cancer. When we look at something like breast cancer, we see that acid is stored in the fat cells. The female breast is comprised mainly of fatty tissue. You may not realize this, but that is where the acid goes. When the acid goes to the breasts, it gets locked into the fat tissue. The one thing you will always see before a woman has breast cancer is calcium deposits in her breasts. The calcium is pulled from the bones and soft tissues to help put out a fire called acidosis. Listen to your body.

The other thing, which you may not realize, is that there has never been an association between calcium deposits in the body and high alkaline pH. It has always been calcium robbed from the body (not nutritional calcium) that has been found in the breast.

What does this tell you? We know that Dr. Otto Warburg received the Nobel Prize for proving that a lack of oxygen causes cancer. Further studies with Dr. Reich proved that it was actually low pH, (acidosis) due to depleted hydrogen pools, which causes lack of oxygen and calcium.


Many people worry about taking too much calcium supplementation with the belief that it may lead to calcium deposits. Let us set the record straight. All calcium deposits within the body have been found to be calcium that has been leached from the body, not from nutritional calcium, as we have been led to believe. Unless you are taking a Theta or Ionic form of Calcium, all calcium supplementation ends up in the toilet.

The true cause of calcium deposits is lack of hydrogen, alkaline minerals and proper cleansing. The body enters a crisis state, pulling calcium from body tissues and bones due to acidosis. Body calcium makes a poor substitute for nutritional calcium as it cannot be used effectively. So the calcium pulled from the body will deposit in the weaker joints, tissues or organs of the body creating all kinds of complications. Your best source of calcium is Ionic or Theta Calcium.


Calcium deposits. The scientific data is in. All that we have to do is use logic. When calcium deposits are found in the breasts, this is your first warning sign that you must saturate your system with a high pH level to pull that acid out as soon as possible in order to prevent or reverse breast cancer. The calcium was pulled from the body and drawn to the breast to help put out the fire created by the acid. This can occur anywhere in the body.

Logically we should replace what the body is missing. What is missing is your hydrogen pools, alkaline minerals and a high pH. When you are talking about cancer of the breast, prostate, ovaries, lungs, colon or liver or anywhere in the body, you are in fact talking about areas suffering from severe acidosis.

Fatuige. One of the first signs of disease is feeling continually tired (Chronic Fatigue). It does not matter what disease you are talking about. You have got to get your pH turned around.


As your pH level drops, your body becomes acidic until you reach the condition we call acidosis. When that happens, we start losing our calcium and hydrogen pools, and it starts being pulled out of the blood, the bones and the tissues. This is a safety mechanism. Your body is trying to put off the inevitable unless you take action. Your body picks up the ball where you have dropped it.

What happens now is that your oxygen level drops due to a lack of hydrogen, leaving you tired and fatigued, allowing fungus, mold, parasites, bad bacteria and viral infections to flourish throughout the body.

When people say, “I have candida,” you must keep in mind that you cannot have candida unless you have bad bacteria, fungus and parasites. They all come as a package. One does not come without the others. What you have to do is get in there and change your inner terrain. How do you do that?

You must clean the body to get it under control. After it is under control, you can construct new healthy cells. In order to get your body under control, you must supplement to assist the construction of new cells.

Do you have what you need to reclaim your inner terrain?


Understand that we have come into an era of malnutrition, whether we like it or not. I tell my patients, “Look, if you don’t want to supplement your diet, you haven’t got a chance.”

Even when it comes to organic fruits and vegetables, the minerals must be in the soil to be absorbed by the growing produce. Due to increasing levels of nutritional soil depletion, our food is increasingly lacking in nutrients. If you think you are going to get enough minerals from your food, you had better get yourself a transport truck to visit the supermarket and fill it up every week.

However, this still will not solve this health crisis. We have lots of food with very little in it. Until the ecology of our planet changes (which will not happen for many years since those who really care are not in control) the only thing that we can actually control is our own inner ecology.

We have to get this information out to everyone. We are at war. Are you ready to win? It is bacterial warfare against the pH balance. Are you prepared?


As far as headaches go, we live in a very stressful society. For instance, how many times do you tell your children or your wife or anyone to “hurry up, hurry up?” There are also so many things that we cannot change… the wiring in our homes, the radios, the TV’s, the microwaves and all the other things we are not aware of that create electromagnetic pollution. We cannot change most of these things. There is air pollution, water pollution, noise pollution and the chemical pollution in our food. Our bodies are stressed to the max.

When you are stressed, you release hormones. What do hormones do? After you utilize those hormones for your fight or flight response, they ferment and create an acid pH in the body. You will notice that those prone to headaches, just prior to them, have had a stressful situation causing them to go into a fight or flight response. Their adrenals are dumping out hormones that cause acidosis. It cuts down their oxygen supply to the brain and nervous system, eating up their hydrogen. So here comes another headache due to a drop in pH. Check out Theta Magnesium if you are prone to headaches.

As far as immune system disorders, so many things are out of control. Many foods you purchase today are laden with chemicals. Some people will not even buy food unless it is loaded with chemicals. We really need good supplementation to fill the needs of our bodies. We require readily absorbable nutrients, but buyer beware!

All supplements are not created equal. Misrepresentation in the supplement industry can lead you to believe that what you are taking is working in your body. Improper processing can affect the actual amount of any nutrient or vitamin in a capsule. For example, in a 500 mg capsule up to 90% of the nutrient may never reach your cells because it is not bio-available (readily absorbable by the human body). The nutrient may not have the capability of entering your cells but will simply travel through your digestive tract (undigested), through your colon and into the toilet. You will be literally flushing your money down the toilet. Your highest absorption comes from Theta, Angstrom or Ionic supplementation, not chelated or colloidal.

Whether a person has cancer, psoriasis, asthma or an environmental illness, it is all about creating an alkaline environment. It is all about getting their body alkaline again.

Let me tell you about the study where a tumor was cut it in half. Half of the tumor was placed in an acid solution and was still thriving after a few hours. The other half of the tumor was placed in an alkaline solution where it died within a few hours. This study speaks for itself. Do you want to maintain an acid or alkaline environment in your body?


The quality of your bowel movements is nature’s way of telling you the level of health you are experiencing. Just as you need to monitor what goes in your mouth, stool investigation will give you valuable information regarding your highway to health, the digestive tract.

Your digestive tract is the assembly line for the food you eat. Your bowel movements can give you a clear picture daily as to whether the most important process of your health is functioning properly.

Learning what to look for in your bowel movements can prevent future illness and suffering. We have been taught to feel embarrassed about talking or even thinking about our bowel movements. Do not let this get in the way of your vibrant health.

The large intestine is the sewer system of your body. Mismanagement will only cause the digestive tract to become a cesspool. How does the rest of the body become toxic? The answer is mismanagement of the large intestine. You reabsorb your own toxic waste.

There is a reason for the large intestine to be the first organ developed in the fetus. It is the most important and influential organ of the body. Without proper sanitation, life cannot exist.

The best signs that your sewer system is not functioning properly are: bad breath, smelly stool and the need to use deodorant.


What indicates a good bowel movement is, firstly, that the stool does not smell. Floating stools are both a blessing and a curse. They can float because they are so full of bubbles and gas that they are abnormal. On the other hand, they float because they have too much fat in them or they float because they are high in fiber and oxygen, which is the kind we want.

We want stools that do not mark the toilet bowel. We want them to hang together and not be pebbles, non-putrefactive, have no undigested food particles, a large volume, a wiping clean and a sense of complete evacuation. Wiping clean should only take a few pieces of toilet paper… not a roll. It is amazing how often people do NOT have this sense of complete evacuation. We want not less than one bowel movement every day, two is ideal.

  • Is it soft, firm?

  • Color… is it light brown, medium?

  • Is it free from foul smell and odors?

  • Does it float?

  • Do you have to strain?

  • Does elimination take place 15-20 minutes after a meal?

  • Is it 5 to 7 inches long?

  • Is it 1 to 1-1/2 inches in diameter?

  • Is it banana-shaped?

A Few Points to Remember

  • Bright red blood means that the blood is from the anus. It could be from an internal hemorrhoid or from a fistula or other rectal problem.

  • Dark red blood has come from farther up in the digestive system… it could mean ulcers or colitis in the splenic flexure area.

  • Blackish-red blood indicates ulceration and bleeding around the hepatic flexure.

  • Blood totally black in color could be from the stomach.

  • High protein diets with mostly meat produce a dark colored stool.

  • Spinach and other vegetables containing chlorophyll can stain stools green; dark colored food such as blackberries or cherries will stain the stool a darker color.

  • Yellow or orange stool indicates insufficient bile and is mixed with intestinal contents, or a sign of jaundice or liver disease. Carrot juice can also make stools turn orange color.

  • A reddish wine colored stool can be caused from eating beets.

  • Iron medication or anemia could cause slate grey or blackish stool.

  • Excess protein stool is black.

  • Very dark, olive blue stool may indicate a diet too rich in protein and fat – too much putrefaction within the bowel.

  • Dark, hard, offensive smelling stool may indicate very severe bleeding high in the intestinal region. It may come from an ulcer in the stomach, duodenum, colitis, or Crohn’s Disease.

  • Grey or chicken soup-like stool can indicate liver or gall bladder trouble.

  • A hard, black stool means constipation.

  • Flat and thin-like stool indicates an obstruction in the lower part of the bowel or spastic colitis (usually around the splenic flexure of sigmoid area).

  • A stool with many small bubbles (bead-like) shows fermentative conditions.

  • A slick, slimy stool could be caused from jaundice.

A normal stool has no odor. If it is offensive smelling, then a lot of putrefaction and rotting has occurred and there is a digestive problem, which could include constipation or improper food combining. Bacteria, both dead and alive, usually constitute a quarter to half of the dried feces. Stools should normally be soft, a medium brown color and should float. To test your stool, we have provided a “Stool Self Test” procedure at our website. Test your stool NOW!


Acidosis is a silent time bomb. It is like an hourglass. Only a few grains fall through at a time, but before you know it… time has run out. Do you know how many people have come to me who had never felt sick but who woke up one day to their doctor finding a tumor or chronic disease in their body?

There are two different types of people. 1) People who are symptomatic; every time they do something off track, they feel it. 2) Then there is the person who feels very little. It is like your body tries to adapt to its environment. For example, the alcoholic who never gets a hangover anymore. His body has adapted to its environment for better or for worse.

All I can say is; that it’s all about prevention. We have to look at where we came from… the Earth. We must return to her for balance. Nutrition is the foundation of health. If nutrients are not found in our food anymore, how long will it take before the foundation of health crumbles?

If you are the type of person who does not experience symptoms (unlike those who do) from lack of proper nutrition, then there is a very good chance you could have a heart attack or a stroke, without warning. You will be one of those who says, “I was feeling great, I never felt a thing and then bang, I was hit with the big one.” It is just a matter of time. Acid is the silent killer.

The only true life insurance plan is proper supplementation that will reach the cellular level and do the job that many nutritional products claim they can do but never succeed in achieving.

We need a super antioxidant hydrogen product along with a product that will cluster and pH balance our water. Let us not forget about a Royal Tea bowel cleansing regime to reclaim our inner terrain. Studies have shown that the quality of drinking water has a direct effect on the quality and the quantity of life. One example of this is the Hunzas, who were shown to live longer because of the water they drank. Deliver the cellular nutrition your body needs. Logic tells us that if we want something to last, we need to invest in it. Your body is your temple, which is home to your spirit. What are you worth?


It is tricky out there and it is going to get trickier. We live in the most toxic time this planet has ever seen. Right now, we have hit a critical mass. If someone had cancer twenty years ago, people would be leery about getting too close. When you heard about someone with cancer, it scared you. Now it seems that we always know someone who is battling this disease.

How many people do you know who are in good health? What is good health? Let us be honest, it is normal to be sick, so what is normal to us is actually abnormal. For example, when you go for a physical and they tell you that you are healthy for a 40 year old, they are comparing you to the average 40 year old person. It means that your stomach is hanging over your belt, you are falling asleep at nine-o-clock at night, you can hardly get yourself out of bed, your sex-drive is gone, your teeth are falling out and your bowel movements smell terrible. You have to use deodorant because you are rotting inside, and that is also normal because everybody else uses deodorant. Of course this is an exaggeration but the point is valid.

What we think of as normal is actually abnormal but because the majority of the population is sick, we are all well.

We do not even know what well is any more. Got a headache? Take an aspirin. Are you constipated? Take Ex-Lax. Do you have cancer? Have chemotherapy, radiation or surgery. So I guess logically speaking, lack of aspirin causes a headache, lack of Ex-Lax causes constipation and lack of chemotherapy, radiation and surgery causes cancer.

Therefore, the train of thought for the average person is, “If I take a little of these therapies everyday, I will be healthy forever.”

Don’t tell your body to “shut up.” Be a proper host and listen to what it tells you.