Vitalizer Plus

I recently purchased the water Vitalizer Plus, thank you so much for a wonderful piece of equipment. I had a problem I had seborrhea dermatitis and couldn’t quite get rid of it so I bought a new water filter to take out all the fluoride and then as soon as I used that with the Vitalizer Plus, the dermatitis cleared within three hours and has never returned .Plus my wife has had terrible trouble with urinary tract infections I couldn’t say how many times she has had to go to the ER to get IV antibiotics, it was the only way to get relief, she has used every natural product on the market but nothing would clear it up properly. Since she has been using the new water from the Vitalizer Plus within two weeks the infection has cleared up this is the first time in nearly twenty years she has been free of the infection. So you can see why we are so pleased with our purchase and thank you for continued work that Dr. Wolfe started he came across, just by listening to him talk, as a fantastic person. Please keep up the good work.

Les Hills

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