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Sugar, Sugar, Sugar…. What does it do to us?

altChristmas has just passed and you can still feel the excitement in the air. The bright lights, snow, presents, great food, Christmas trees, Christmas Carols and reuniting with family and friends. It can be a fantastic time, but all this excitement can cause some people to feel more distressed than euphoric. Some individuals who have not been able to achieve the ideal Walt Disney/Norman Rockwell picture of Christmas joy may actually feel depressed. Statically December has the highest incidence of depression and suicide. What can be done to make the holidays more enjoyable for everyone and leveling out the emotional highs and lows of the Holiday Season?

Of all the advice available to you to help you feel better over the holidays, it would be very beneficial to understand the effect of sugar on our body and to reduce its consumption. What was Christmas like 200 years ago when sugar consumption was 12 lbs per person annually as compared to the current annual consumption rate of 180 lbs per person annually? That is a huge increase in the consumption of sugar products. Sugar is known to have a direct effect on people’s emotions especially during stressful events.

altIngestion of refined (white) sugar causes a rapid increase in blood sugar, which results in a rapid increase of insulin production to counteract the effects of high blood sugar levels. Unfortunately the rapid increase in insulin production in response to the high blood sugar levels results in a rapid decrease in blood sugar levels called the crash (low blood sugar) or hypoglycemia. The hyperglycemia (high blood sugar) phase makes an individual energized, happy and euphoric, but during the crash the same individual is irritable, moody and has low energy. An individual in the crash phase seeks out sugary treats to regain the sugar high and this cycle is then repeated many times throughout the day. Too many sugary sweets leads to too many moody depressed people in the shopping mall.

The solution is not difficult; it is more about common sense. First try to reduce your stress levels. Secondly reduce your intake of refined sugar. Try to maintain a healthy diet, eat normally (don’t skip meals) and consume sweets at the end of a meal. Having food in your stomach before eating sweets will slow the absorption of sugar and protect you from the sugar highs and lows. Drink lots of water or sparkling water; avoid pop, coffee, alcohol and undiluted fruit juices as they all contain sugar and/or stimulants. Think moderation; if you didn’t eat 10 candy canes in November, then don’t eat ten candy canes in December. Try to be good and have a happy holiday.

Once the holidays are over, you may want to consider a body detoxification and/or cleanse. The Wolfe Clinic would be happy to design a plan to fit your lifestyle.

The Wolfe Clinic wishes you the best in health and happiness during the holiday season and the coming New Year.

Products That Help

Royal Tea

Royal TeaGood intestinal health is important and should be preserved and maintained daily. This is the only product that achieves this safely and effectively. Royal Tea is also used in “The Ultimate Lemonade Cleanse”, the most effective cleanse that we have ever worked with to detox and “Reclaim Your Inner Terrain”.

The use of Royal Tea has many additional benefits. It improves overall digestion, strengthens the immune system, reduces mucus congestion, makes the skin more emollient and flexible, clears the eyes and provides an overall “tonic” effect on the body. It aids in cleansing and detoxifying the blood, kidneys, liver and lymphatic system. In addition, Royal Tea helps to eliminate parasites, bad bacteria, viruses and fungus, on a daily basis, by releasing heavy metals and increasing the pH of the body. Royal Tea is a safe and gentle cleanser that also helps reverse the aging process. Many individuals have experienced weight-loss with this product.

Royal FloraRoyal Flora SBOs – Powder

Regardless of which illness you suffer from, you will never experience permanent health or healing until your “Highway to Life” (digestive tract) is in balance. Royal Flora SBOs are non-pathogenic, friendly, microorganisms which crowd out pathogens and harmful bacteria while re-colonizing the good bacteria in your bowel to restore vital health.

Royal Flora SBOs – Capsules

This is the same great product in the capsulated form. Users of Royal Flora report numerous other ongoing health benefits from Royal Flora. Improvements include: virtual immunity from colds and flu, stronger digestive capabilities, elimination of constipation, relief of diarrhea and other digestive disorders, increased and/or stabilized metabolism, increased energy levels and physical strength, greater resistance to infections, quicker healing of wounds, increased mental clarity and more.

Royal DefenseRoyal Defense – Syclovir

Royal Defense is a food supplement made from plankton. It is a safe, alternative treatment for Candida, parasites, and worms without any harmful side-effects. Royal Defense is also used in “The Ultimate Lemonade Cleanse”; the most effective cleanse that we have ever worked with to detox and “Reclaim Your Inner Terrain”.

altQuadra-Zyme Plus

Quadra-Zyme Plus is an excellent plant enzyme supplement for digesting virtually anything you eat: protein, starches, fats, fiber, sugars, and dairy foods. It helps pre-digest food in the upper stomach for optimal digestion and absorption of nutrients from food.

Wishing you the best in health,
The Wolfe Clinic

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