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Autism Protocol

Mercury detoxification has been found to be the most effective treatment over drugs, supplements, or special diets. We recommend the following:

Mercury Testing:

The Sierra Club sells a mercury hair test with a lab analysis at the non-profit price of $25.


Z Life Zeolite: Zeolite is known for its ability to draw out heavy metals. For more information, read "Zeolite - Nature's Detoxifier".

Royal Tea: The Wolfe Clinic has tested hundreds of colon and intestinal cleansing products and Royal Tea has proven to be the best. Good intestinal health is important and should be preserved and maintained daily. This is the only product that does that safely and effectively and is safe for all ages - from children to the elderly.

Theta Water of Life Combination Minerals: Water of Life contains approximately 84 trace elements, making it the perfect nutritional supplement for overall body maintenance. The Theta Minerals are angstrom sized particles and therefore water soluble and completely absorbable.

Foods that remove mercury:

1) Cilantro mobilizes mercury, aluminum, lead and tin stored in the brain and spinal cord, removing them via urine and bowel movement.
Cilantro Tea: Boil the herb in water for 15 minutes and drink. For kids, dilute it with juice to make it taste yummy.
Cilantro Pesto: Mix in food processor or high-powered blender and use for pasta, spread on toast, other creative uses:
3/4 cp organic virgin olive oil
9 medium size cloves of garlic
1 1/2 cp compressed cilantro
1 tsp sea salt
6 oz pine nuts
Autism Cilantro Smoothie Blast for Kids:
8 oz organic strawberries
4 oz distilled water
1-7 nodes cilantro
Blend. Other fruit can be substituted for strawberries. Make sure they're organic - otherwise there are LOTS of chemicals on regular strawberries. Any fruit that doesn't have a protective covering absorbs chemicals that are on the outside. Distilled water: do not buy it in anything but crystal clear plastic bottles and preferably PBA-free plastic. (If distilled water is not available, use the best filtered/purified water.)
Use cilantro in soups, salsas, etc.
2) Asparagus contains a high amount of glutathione. Glutathione levels are usually low in children with autism. Before doing a detoxing program, raise glutathione levels for 2 weeks to aid the liver. This means eating lightly steamed asparagus every day.
Aspargus Extract or Asparagus Tea that may also be consumed in addition to eating asparagus. The Asparagus Extract capsules may be opened and sprinkled onto food or mixed into Royal Tea or another drink. Mix Asparagus Tea with juice or a healthy drink your child likes.
3) Coconut oil or fresh coconut. 14 grams daily for kids. (A favorite way to prepare is to take about 1 TBSP coconut oil and saute slices of dried coconut in a frying pan, lightly browning the coconut as it soaks up its oil. Cooking shredded coconut in its own oil gives it amazing energizing properties. This is the traditional, medicinal way of preparing it. Eat it with vegetables or fresh berries.)
Some doctors use a man-made chelator called DMSA to detoxify, but the combination of ciltantro, asparagus, Z Life Zeolite, and Royal Tea are a natural protocol that can give the same good results.
Important: For maximum success with any protocol, good bowel movements are necessary! Jeff Primack, healing food expert, refers to them as BHBM (big, huge bowel movements)!

General Protocol:

  1. Asparagus every day.
  2. Eliminate all gluten and dairy. Eggs are OK. Low mercury seafood like salmon, trout, sardines are recommended for good protein and fat requirements. (No farm-raised or Atlantic fish.)
  3. Cilantro - tea, pesto, smoothie, soups, salads, etc.
  4. Zeolite/Royal Tea
  5. Coconut

ADD, Hyeractivity, Concentration:

Theta Add Ease: This combination of minerals is specially formulated for specific ailments. ADD Ease is used for cases of Attention Deficit Disorder, ADHD and any form of hyperactivity.
Wishing you the best of health,
The Wolfe Clinic

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