Vitalizer Plus

I recently purchased the water Vitalizer Plus, thank you so much for a wonderful piece of equipment. I had a problem I had seborrhea dermatitis and couldn’t quite get rid of it so I bought a new water filter to take out all the fluoride and then as soon as I used that with the Vitalizer Plus, the dermatitis cleared within three hours and has never returned .Plus my wife has had terrible trouble with urinary tract infections I couldn’t say how many times she has had to go to the ER to get IV antibiotics, it was the only way to get relief, she has used every natural product on the market but nothing would clear it up properly. Since she has been using the new water from the Vitalizer Plus within two weeks the infection has cleared up this is the first time in nearly twenty years she has been free of the infection. So you can see why we are so pleased with our purchase and thank you for continued work that Dr. Wolfe started he came across, just by listening to him talk, as a fantastic person. Please keep up the good work.

Les Hills

Last year I was fearful for my life and I believe you were largely responsible for helping me to regain my health. I want to thank you for all your effort in helping me to see many, many more birthdays. Thank you!

B.W. (Maine, USA)

Words cannot thank you for the incredible change your guidance has facilitated in my health. Everyone is astounded and raves about how great I look. More importantly, every day I am thrilled with the change in how I feel – no more constant pain!! and in my restored mobility – finally able to do all the things I used to be able to do!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

J.W. (London, Ontario, Canada)

One day I felt incredibly ill.  Once I got home after work I took this product [Ultra 1 & Ultra 2] and after a few hours felt alright.  Took it once more a little while later and I felt right as rain again.  Nothing kills viruses quite like this.  [Royal Defense] Syclovir is also great to take in those situations as fungus is best friends with viruses.  Kick em out with this product.

M.R., London

I don’t know if you remember my niece calling you about her 10 month old baby with chronic ear infections, but here’s the result. After talking to you she cancelled the “emergency” surgery for ear tubes. The hospital harassed her the next day basically demanding the boy have the surgery. She refused, making them a bit hostile. She began the protocol using Silver Max, Coral Calcium, and Royal Flora. Dairy was eliminated (the hardest to do). Last Thursday my sister called me and said my niece brought her son for a checkup. Their doctor was not too happy about canceling the surgery but said “Let’s take a look.” She was aghast! No fluid – no infection – no redness – perfect color. She asked, “What antibiotic have you been giving him?” (this is true) “None, we did some research and tried some things,” my niece replied. “What is Silver Max?…” The doc then began the mantra, “You know, many doctors are moving toward alternative medicine, but you have to be careful giving it to children…” …as if sedation and poking sharp objects into the ear drums is safer!! She then looked at the other ear and finally conceded she could not believe what she was seeing.


 I contracted herpes about 10 yrs. ago and periodically had outbreaks when under very stressful conditions.  A friend suggested I use this product [Ultra 1 & Ultra 2] recently (2011).  At the time I had no outbreak.  I used it two treatments one week apart.  I have had a very, very stressful time since then and have not even had a hint of an outbreak.  Will probably use Ultra 1 & Ultra 2 periodically to make sure I have no further problems.  I’m very happy to have found this product.

Anonymous, N.J.

I started using CardioFlex eight months ago on the advice of my chiropractor, as I’d told him about my high blood pressure and how I was reluctant to start taking side-effect laden pharmaceuticals. Once I started on CardioFlex (two scoops per day) the beneficial effects became evident right away, and since then my BP has dropped significantly and my general health has improved steadily. I’m now combining the use of CardioFlex with Wholy Tea (Royal Tea), as I understand the synergistic effects of cardiovascular health and cleansing the liver and colon, etc. I was also able to attend a lecture recently by Dr.Gerry Bohemier, DC, and deepen my understanding of cardiovascular disease, its causes and cures. I would recommend to anyone to either attend one of Dr. Bohemier’s lectures to learn in more detail about his research (much of it built upon the pioneering work of Dr. Linus Pauling) and his work in the formulation of CardioFlex. Thanks very much for a great product!

Larry F.

The day I phoned The Wolfe Clinic was the beginning of a journey towards wellness, after 32 years of Chronic Fatigue. (I had tried several different approaches to improve my condition – to no avail.) Through phone consultations with The Wolfe Clinic I was able to obtain the necessary information and treatment relative to my condition, without leaving my home. It was so wonderful to finally have the help and support I needed. I was relieved to be finally free of Chronic Fatigue. Now at 61 years of age I am running up the stairs. If I have any questions about my health, I am able to phone The Wolfe Clinic for advice. Most important of all, thanks to The Wolfe Clinic, I now have the knowledge to successfully enable me to take the responsibility for my own health.

G.C. (Prince Edward Island, Canada)

I wanted to write a little note to let you know how profoundly my health has improved since starting on your regime. I have hope and renewed energy to accomplish what I can do to help others. After years of struggling with a weakened immune system due to exposure to clostridium bacteria, herpes virus, methane gas poisoning, systemic candida, IBS, leaky gut, and hormonal changes at menopause, I now feel in control of my health – these supplements and practices are cutting edge and really work. Thank you for helping me get my life back. You are doing an incredible service to humanity in the face of what must be a lot of admonitions from the modern medical community. Thank your staff for your wonderful clinic and offering effective alternatives to myself and others. What an education I have received from your services – invaluable! Loved your videos and tapes – most helpful.

Yours in Health and Healing, C.C. (Alberta, Canada)

I find the news letters  a learning experience & its nice to know that there’s always hope, prevention & cure for the worst of diseases.

Thanks! Keep up the good work. Knowledge, an open mind and your health is everything,nothing else matters!