Liver/Gall Bladder Flush

Do you know of any risks to doing the liver/gall bladder flush? I had a gall bladder attack over the holidays, the doctor wants to remove my ‘healthy gall bladder’ to get rid of the stones, which I immediately objected to. The response of the doctor was that if I do get a flush, I might get a stone stuck in the duct, and then have to have radical (rather than the easier laser way) surgery. My instinct is still to do the flush. I did read your comments on colon cleansing, enzymes, and aloe vera juice.

dcr-livercleanseIf you follow Hulda Clark’s instructions just the way its written here from her book “Cure for All Diseases”, you will not have any problem with the cleanse. Remember your gall bladder fills up with stones only after your liver is filled up with stones. So by doing the liver flush you eliminate the stones in the gall bladder first. I recommend doing at least 5 flushes; one very 2 weeks and then once every 6 months. Do the flush; don’t let them steal your gall bladder!

The Cesium Chloride Protocol

Required Supplements

Because the Cesium Chloride Protocol is generally only taken by Stage IV cancer patients or those with fast growing cancers or tumors, it is important that any person on the Cesium Chloride Protocol actually follow the complete protocol. The core supplements in the protocol are: Cesium, Theta Potassium, Theta Magnesium, Ionic Coral Calcium, and DMSO (optional). Other supplements may be needed during the protocol depending upon the health and nutritional condition of the individual.

The complete protocol can be ordered now!

Understanding How Cesium Chloride Works

For a variety of reasons, sufficient oxygen sometimes cannot get into normal cells. This may be because a microbe gets into the cells or something is preventing the oxygen from getting into the cells (such as trans-fatty acids sticking to the sides of normal cells). When the level of oxygen that gets into a normal cell becomes too low, the normal cell will convert to becoming anaerobic.

Acid Alkaline Food Chart and Diet

Are You Eating Enough Alkaline Foods?

This chart shows the contribution of various food substances to the acidifying of body fluids. In general, it is important to eat a diet that contains foods from both sides of the chart. Allergic reactions and other forms of stress tend to produce acids in the body. The presence of high acidity indicates that more of your foods should be selected from the alkalizing group.

You should check your pH using our Personal pH Test Kit to find out if your selection is providing the desired balance.

Alkalizing Foods


The Ultimate Lemonade Cleanse

The Foundational First Step In Healing

Individuals will struggle for years with countless, different detoxification cleanses, only to have temporary or partial success. This is because most detoxification programs are not balanced properly to facilitate the efficient removal of toxins.

Isn’t it time to start using products that will enhance and accelerate whole body’s detoxification and rejuvenation on a cellular level?

twc-lemonadeConstructive changes will address the underlying roots of illness and help you to regain or maintain good health. The Ultimate Lemonade Cleanse is a most effective cleanse to detoxify and “reclaim the inner terrain”. It creates an environment in which disease cannot survive. The Lemonade Cleanse has few or mild symptoms experienced by the individual as they detox.

This program is the most powerful healing program available and is foundational for recapturing one’s vital health.

The Ultimate Candida Fungal Cleanse

Adult Dosage Guidelines For The Ultimate Candida Fungal Cleanse

Royal Tea

Instructions for Royal Tea

  • Two Royal Tea bags will make one gallon and will last approximately one week for one person.
  • Bring a gallon of enhanced water (Good Filtered Water or Vitalized Water) to a full boil.
  • Turn off the stove and add two Royal Tea bags (three bags for extra strength) into the boiling water.
  • Cover and let STEEP for eight hours – this will bring the herbs to full potency.
  • Refrigerate and leave tea bags in container until finished.
  • Drink: (You may reheat the tea but do not bring to a boil.)
  • One 8 oz. glass in the morning
  • Two 4 oz. glasses in the afternoon
  • One 8 oz. glass in the evening
  • Alternatively, individuals with a hectic schedule may drink three 8 oz. glasses of the tea (morning, noon and evening).

In cases with chronic diarrhea, Crohn’s disease, Colitis and other inflammatory bowel conditions, boil 2 quarts of water and add 1 tea bag. Start by drinking 1 oz of tea, diluted in a glass of water, twice a day.

The Overnight Chronic Illness Fast

Theories Behind the Overnight Cancer Fast

Please read the The Ultimate Lemonade Cleanse to greatly enhance this protocol!

What Causes Cancer

The past century has revealed extensive research implicating a microbial origin as the cause of cancer. At the leading edge, Dr. Royal Rife’s 1930s research identified evidence of a human cancer virus by isolating and culturing the suspected virus. After injecting numerous rats with the microbe, cancer consistently developed in both Professional Adviselive cells and tissue cultures. Numerous other researchers also found evidence proving Rife’s findings. Canadian biologist Gaston Naessens uses ultraviolet microscopy that easily views what has now been identified as the BX cancer virus in live blood samples of cancer patients.

Dr. Rife was the first to prove beyond any doubt that the microbe involved in cancer formation is pleomorphic, meaning the microbe has multiple morphologies that change accordingly with particular external stimulus. Dr. Robert O. Young, Ph.D., asserts that this pleomorphic microbe is found in every human being and it is irrefutably the inner terrain of the individual that enables the microbe to morph into cancer (read our article “Reclaim Your Inner Terrain” for a better understanding). Rife proved that the BX cancer virus has four distinct forms that can induce cancer formation within 36 hours of medium alteration.

Lyme Disease Protocol

The Wolfe Clinic Introduces Its NEW Lyme Disease Protocol!

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) estimate 100,000 new cases of Lyme Disease each year. Considering the difficulty of diagnosing a bacteria with 50 known strains and the ability to mimic other diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, MS, and Alzheimer’s, statistics may be much higher. Some doctors consider Lyme Disease to be the #1 vector-borne illness in the U.S., with an annual cost of at least $60 million! (NIAID) This figure only includes treatment for early-stage Lyme Disease, without factoring in the effects of longterm disability or systemic complications of late-state, “chronic” Lyme.

The Master Cleanse

Disease is Nature’s Imbalance Asserting Itself.

mastercleanseThe Master Cleanse has successfully and consistently demonstrated its eliminative and building ability. It may be used with complete safety for every known type of disease.

Lemons and limes are the richest source of minerals and vitamins of any food or foods known to man, and they are available the year round. Thus the diet may be used successfully any month of the year and virtually any place on earth. Its universal appeal and availability make it pleasant and easy to use.

Autism Protocol

Mercury detoxification has been found to be the most effective treatment over drugs, supplements, or special diets. We recommend the following:

Mercury Testing:

The Sierra Club sells a mercury hair test with a lab analysis at the non-profit price of $25.


Z Life Zeolite: Zeolite is known for its ability to draw out heavy metals. For more information, read “Zeolite – Nature’s Detoxifier”.

Castor Oil Pack

Instructions on creating a castor oil pack:

Due to our modern so-called civilized diet, lack of exercise and the continual presence of gravity, our abdominal organism slowly but surely falls into the pelvic girdle that is located at the waistline. The main contributor to this problem is the colon; the last seven feet of the digestive system.